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We watch YouTube on TV ourselves


On a Smart TV, watching videos on a popular hosting is very easy. Such devices include LG appliances with the WebOS operating system, Samsung with the Smart Hub interface, Sony and Philips with Android OS, etc.

You can determine the presence of the Smart TV function on the TV panel in the instructions or technical specifications of the gadget, as well as on the control panel, which often implements a special button for calling up the Smart-menu.

To watch YouTube on Smart TV Samsung, Philips or another brand, you need to connect the equipment to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, and then open the web interface of the TV receiver.

If the application is installed on a smart TV, you should find its icon and click on it. After the service loads, you can search for videos and play. If a user logs in through Google and logs in to his account, he will see a list of his channels on video hosting.
In the event that the YouTube program is not among the installed applications, if it refuses to start or freezes during operation, you need to know how to install YouTube on the Smart TV receiver.

You need to open the built-in application store (for technology based on Android - Play Market), find YouTube and install or reinstall it. If the error cannot be fixed in this way, you will need to download third-party programs.

You can watch YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV through the utility Video TV Castavailable in the integrated app store. An alternative solution is to download the YouTube widget to the USB flash drive and then launch and install it on the television.
For gadgets from other manufacturers (Sony, Philips TV panels, various Android consoles), the installation will be solved Fork player.
Another way to install the program will be to download the apk file youtube tv via PC to the USB flash drive and then install it on the television.

Watch YouTube on your smart TV via your phone, tablet or PC

You can play YouTube videos on your TV through your phone, tablet, computer, and other devices. To do this, you need to know how to configure the connection between appliances.

To broadcast videos from an Android phone or tablet, you can connect gadgets to the TV panel automatically or manually.

Automatic device connection:

  • connect the equipment to your home wireless network,
  • download the program on the phone and start playing the video,
  • at the top of the video there will be an icon for transferring content, you need to click on it and select the included television receiver.

Manual device connection:

  • turn on the equipment and run the program on it,
  • open the utility settings on the television,
  • go to the section “Connect the TV to the phone”,
  • choose manual connection
  • the screen will display a code consisting of numbers (if there are letters, repeat the steps),
  • on the phone in the program go to settings and select “View on TV”,
  • go to manual connection and code entry,
  • Enter the code from the TV to activate the connection.

Apple owners who are interested in how to output video content from an iPhone from an application to a television set will need to perform the same automatic or manual connection as on Android gadgets.

If the user has questions about connecting a mobile device or PC to the TV panel to watch videos, he can use the help for the utility. It contains answers to many questions, for example, how to change the language in YouTube on the TV.
Everyone who uses the Google Chrome browser on a PC needs to connect the computer and the television set to the same network, start the YouTube video and select the broadcast on the TV panel.

Watch YouTube on TV without Smart TV

You can watch YouTube on a TV without the Smart TV function only when you connect an auxiliary device.
Firstly, you can connect a laptop or PC with a TV panel with an HDMI cable and use it as a large screen for video playback.

There are other gadgets:

  • Android smart consoles
  • Apple TV
  • PlayStation and XBox game consoles,
  • Google Chromecast media player.

There are a lot of ways to connect YouTube. So, you can watch videos through the application on the TV with the Smart TV function. If it is not installed or for some reason doesn’t load videos, you can restore it or download it again.

For devices with the Smart TV function, there is another interesting opportunity: connect YouTube on a phone or smartphone with Android OS and transfer video from them to the big screen.

Similarly, this feature is enabled and works on the iPhone. If the TV set is not equipped with the Smart TV function, you can connect other equipment to it to watch videos from a popular video hosting service.

Using Smart TV to watch YouTube

In order to start watching YouTube, you need a TV that supports the Smart TV function, and has access to the Internet. For this action, the webOS system, or its old variation, is suitable. On a Samsung TV, this feature is presented as a Smart Hub. By functionality, TVs of the brand Philips, Daewoo, BQ and others can also be suitable. Almost all units currently work on the Android system.

It is worth knowing whether your TV supports such functions or not. This information is available on the manufacturer’s website. If there is a box from the product, the information is indicated on one of the sides.

The easiest option is to have a Smart TV button on the remote control. Having decided that the TV has the ability to watch YouTube, you should connect it to the Internet. Choose the connection method yourself - Wi-Fi or a special cable.

After connecting to the Internet, you need to open the Smart-menu and run the desired program YouTube. Considering this system, there is a functional, thanks to which it is possible to search for videos. By logging in from your profile, you can discover channels that you’ve previously tagged.

There is an easy way:

  1. We select the required video, and enjoy watching.
  2. The functionality is very convenient, the controls are clear, intuitive. It is possible to put likes on the video you like. And the inability to put comments refers to significant disadvantages.
  3. TVs based on webOS, most often it is the LG brand, have the ability to launch YouTube.
  4. Samsung brand uses a very similar menu. It’s just worth choosing an application shortcut and launching it.

Each brand has its own, specific version of the operating system, so there are differences in the menu. Although the required application is not difficult to detect. Management is non-metallic, intuitive. On most models, this software is installed from the factory.

In the article above, options for viewing YouTube using installed software were considered. This is an option to watch videos without using auxiliary devices. The most convenient and best way. But there are such options when the use of various add-ons is required.

We watch YouTube on a TV using a computer or smartphone

Sometimes a snag occurs, with the correct broadcast of the video on the screen. It is easy to solve it by turning on a computer or smartphone that connects using DLAN technology. In addition to video, it is possible to play: music, images, all content that is stored on the media.

To perform such a transfer of information, you must:

  1. There should be a TV with a Smart TV system that is connected to the network using a cable or a wireless Wi-Fi network.
  2. A laptop, smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet.
  3. The selected gadget must be connected to the network that the TV is on.

In fact, the performance of such a scheme is very simple. We take the device used, and play any video. We look through the created network, and if a TV is connected to it, on which you can display the image, a shortcut will be visible. It is worth clicking on this button, and establish a connection with the TV. The video output will begin on the TV screen, and functionally control the viewing will be available from your gadget.

We use the unit based on Android

You need to open YouTube, then start watching the required video file by pressing the Play button. It is important to observe if broadcast permission is to appear. As soon as it appears, you must select the desired TV, which must be used for viewing.

It is possible to open the tab located at the bottom of the page, thereby managing the video file. We use the ios system.

Using an iPhone or iPadAd, the connection is made in a similar way. We find the button and press it.

How to set up YouTube on a TV without Smart TV

Considering the past variations of TVs that do not have Smart features, you can try not to watch YouTube. The maximum that needs to be done to achieve this goal, purchase special units. For example, a connection is made to a PC with special wires, and the information itself is reproduced on the selected TV.

It is required to consider various variations to overcome this problem:

The purchase of a special Android Smart-TV installation. Helps to make your TV more “pumped over”.

  • the devices are connected to each other by an HDMI cable. There is a large selection of set-top boxes, with the ability to connect to the TV using the “tulip”,
  • use of game consoles - Sony PlayStation and Xbox. They have a built-in browser that allows you to view any site without hindrance.

Buying a special player from the international company Google. For normal operation, you need to connect it to the TV, and play any video through the built-in browser.

Watch YouTube on a Smart TV

To watch YouTube videos directly on the TV itself, through the app, need a smart TV and the ability to connect to the Internet. It could be an LG TV with webOS, or an older version of Smart TV. Samsung TV with Smart Features (Smart Hub). Or Sony, Philips, Hisense, Kivi and others. Most of these TVs now run on Android TV.

You need to find out if your TV has a Smart TV. Look at the specifications on the official website, information on the box, or the presence of the Smart TV menu button on the remote control.

If you have a TV with Smart TV, then all you need to do is connect it to the Internet. It is possible via Wi-Fi network, or using a cable. Depending on which TV you have and what connection is available in your home. My article will help you figure this out: how to connect a TV to the Internet. There you will also find links to detailed instructions for connecting LG, Samsung and Philips TVs.

We connected the TV to the Internet, then we open the Smart TV menu, we find the YouTube application and launches. In the application, you can already select a video to view, use the search. And if you log in with your Google account, then all the channels you are subscribed to appear on the TV.

  • It looks like this YouTube on TVs with Andro> (Philips, Sony, maybe other manufacturers):
    Choose any video and watch.
    Management is very convenient. You can like, but you can’t watch comments. And for some reason so far there is no 4k support in the YouTube application on Andro> (with webOS) YouTube starts like this:
  • On a Samsung TV, everything is about the same. In the Smart Hub menu we find the red icon of the YouTube application and select it.

Everyone has different TVs and Smart TV versions are also different, therefore, the menu itself may differ. But finding the right application is not difficult. The interface there is quite simple and straightforward. As far as I know, the YouTube app on Smart TV is always installed by default. On all TVs.

Above, we examined the way in which you can watch video using only one TV. Without additional devices. I think this is the best solution. Everything turns on quickly and works stably. But there are other options.

How to watch YouTube videos on a TV using a phone or computer?

If for some reason you do not want to open the video through the application on the TV itself, then this can be done on the phone, tablet, or computer. And send the video from YouTube to the TV screen. As I understand it, all this works on DLAN technology. Using the same technology, you can output videos, photos, or music that is stored on your computer. If interested, then see the article: how to output video (film) from a computer to a TV via Wi-Fi.

What is needed for this:

  1. A TV with Smart TV (perhaps a TV that only supports DLAN, but hardly) is suitable, which is connected to the router via Wi-Fi, or LAN.
  2. Phone, or tablet (on Android, or iOS), laptop, desktop computer (with Google Chrome browser).
  3. The TV and the device from which we will watch video through YouTube must be connected to the same network (to the same router).

All this works very simply. We on a mobile device (in the YouTube application), or a computer (in the Chrome browser) enable the playback of any video. And if the network has a TV on which you can display the picture, a button will appear. We click on it, select a TV (if there are several TVs on the network) and the video will start playing on the TV screen. You can control playback from your phone.

Via phone or tablet on Android

We open YouTube, turn on the video and see if there is a button for broadcasting the video to the TV. If it appears, then click on it and select on which TV to play the video.

On the TV, playback will start automatically.

If you click on the tab below, you can control the video, or create a playlist. Or stop broadcasting.

Via iPhone or iPad

On iOS devices, everything is exactly the same. In the application you need to click on the button

If there is only one TV in the network, then playback will immediately begin (if there is more than one, then you need to choose which TV to connect to).

Everything is working! The iPhone plays video on the TV.

Via computer

As I understand it, only the Chrome browser has the "Play on TV" function when watching a video on YouTube.

Since my TV also supports Chromecast, two devices are displayed. If you do not have Android TV, then most likely there will be only one TV.

Playback starts on the selected TV. You can also control it through the Chrome browser from a computer.

Checked, everything works.

YouTube on TV without Smart TV

If you have a TV without Smart TV, then YouTube cannot be seen on it (without additional devices). Since it does not connect to the Internet, the application itself, or there is no browser on it.

But as you already understood, there is a solution. Even if the TV does not have Smart TV, it can be used just like a screen (for displaying pictures from other devices). For example, connect the TV to a computer via HDMI, or to a laptop, open YouTube on your computer and watch videos.

There are other solutions:

  • Andro> (which without Smart TV) is a real Smart TV. With all the necessary features. There and YouTube you can watch, play games, watch sites in the browser and much more. Of the best (according to the author): NEXBOX A95X, Xiaomi MI BOX, T95Z Plus, X92.
    The set-top box connects to the TV via HDMI. There are models that can also be connected even through the "tulip". And this means that such a console can be connected to a very old TV.
  • Apple tv - if you have a lot of equipment from Apple, then perhaps it makes sense to buy an Apple TV set-top box. With its help, you can watch not only YouTube. But also movies through the iTunes Store, listen to music, install games and various applications. And also, display the image on the TV screen from any device on iOS, or Mac OS.
  • Sony PlayStation and Xbox - I do not have these game consoles, but as far as I know, you can also watch videos with their help. There is a separate YouTube application, as well as a regular browser.
  • Chromecast - By connecting this media player from Google to the TV (via HDMI), you can output video from YouTube through the application on your phone, tablet, or from your computer through the Chrome browser. I wrote about this in detail in the article. And in a separate article I showed how Google Cast works on a TV with Android TV.

Maybe I missed something. If you know any other devices that are suitable for these tasks, you can share in the comments. Also do not forget to leave your feedback and ask questions.