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Robert Rozhdestvensky - Woman's Monologue: Verse



R The celebration is a special Christian holiday with which many different signs and customs are associated. But before telling about the Christmas signs, it should be noted the most important - which directly relates to the great Christian benefactor - forgiveness .

BUT here unforgiveness - it is a sin. Therefore, first of all, forgive all your enemies and give out debts if you have not had time to do this before the New Year.

Since there are a lot of Christmas signs, for convenience we will divide them into three groups: signs associated with preparation for the holiday, man-made - they are also ceremonial and natural.


AT To believe in Christmas signs or not is everyone’s personal business, but nevertheless, folk wisdom loves to be listened to! And we all know that the tale is a lie, but a hint in it.

- You can’t do any dirty work at Christmas (wash, mop, etc.) so as not to get bogged down in the mud for the whole next year. Spring cleaning must be done earlier,

- Unmarried, do not sweep the floor and do not take dirty linen out of the hut before Christmas - do not scare away the narrowed one!

- Mistress, prepare a lot of different dishes before the holiday, so that the house is a full bowl,

- Do not cut the Christmas cake before the holiday, so that there is no contention.

- Invite more guests, or go visit, so that you don’t scream at Christmas alone and the whole next year,

- Mistress, when you are preparing dishes for Christmas, put on the stove in front of your eyes a coin polished to a shine. Let it lie, the eye pleases and wealth draws into the house. Then, when you have prepared all the dishes, put this coin in the dough of the Christmas cake and bake. Whoever gets a piece with a coin expects special happiness,

- Put a clove of garlic on a spread tablecloth in the corners of the table. Health sign

- You can’t take out light, heat and money from the house before Christmas: do not give anyone candles and lighters, as well as money. If you have come needing to ask, it is better to feed them, and fulfill the request after the holidays. You can share fire by lighting your own burning fire (for example, light something

- Let there be a lot of heat and fire (fireplace, candles, garlands) in the house while preparing for the holiday, so that the year is happy.

- Do not give anyone bread and salt on Christmas Eve; otherwise, miss the main thing this year - do not see your luck in the middle of everyday life, something important will be lost and pass by.

- To attract good luck, the robe should be new and clean, red for the holiday and white for Christ,

- Unmarried should have time to dress up before sunset, if they want to get married this year,

- There should be an even number of people at the festive table. If it’s odd, then put one extra cutlery on an even life,

- Unmarried, eat an apple the night before Christmas and count the seeds. If the seeds are an even number, then be your bride this year. And if even, and more than six - your happiness will increase.

- Sit down at the table only after the first star, this is the beginning of Christmas night, they don’t celebrate birth in advance,

- When everyone sat down at the table, an unmarried girl takes the first piece of lean food, puts it in her mouth, goes outside and holds a piece in her mouth until one of the passersby names her name. So the narrowed one will be called,

- Feed your pets well, let them celebrate too - they call luck to the house,

- Throw the cat food under the festive table, let him eat there. To the health of the whole family,

“When the clock strikes midnight before Christmas, open the doors of the house to drive out evil spirits.” To do this, take a broom and knock on the threshold,


FROM The most important thing is to celebrate this holy holiday with a smile on your face. This will definitely bring you good luck and happiness in the coming year!

- To give more smiles and kind words to people for Christmas - to attract more joy to yourself.

- In the early morning of Christmas, bring fresh water to the house, and let everyone take a sip and wash - for good health,

- Whoever everyone in the family is older, let him pour milk to the whole milk family. And let everyone drink and condemn: “The Lord was born, the people were baptized. Be cheerful and healthy. Amen".,

- So that the poultry does not run away from the yard, bring it into the house, lay the circle with a rope and sprinkle grain in the middle of the circle so that the chickens and geese bite and do not leave their yard

- Mistress on a note to attract good luck. Knead the bread dough for Christmas. Without wiping your hands, touch the icons with them, then go to your garden and hug the fruit trees.

- To the owner for a big harvest. Take straw, grain and an ax. Go out into your garden and swing your ax at fruit trees. Ask them if they will bear fruit. And say that if you don’t want to, you will cut them down. Then tie the trunks with straw and a scree of rye grain.

- On Christmas morning you can attract wealth. Go outside without outerwear, wait for the “goosebumps” and say: “There are so many goosebumps on the skin, so much money too!”


P There are a lot of issues associated with the calendar cycle and the observation of natural phenomena falling on Christmas days, here are some of them:

- Clear and starry sky on Christmas Eve in the evening - to the harvest year,

- Lush frost on the branches - to a rich harvest,

- Warm Christmas Eve - to good bread all year,

- Warm Christmas day - to a cold spring,

- Snowstorm for Christmas - in early spring,

- The full moon at Christmas - to a stormy spring flood.

- Morning snow for Christmas - a rich year for success in all matters,

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