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How to throw a ball in basketball: throwing technique


In order to play basketball well, you must be able to throw the ball correctly. In essence, basketball is a fairly simple game: you just need to hit the ball in a ring with a net, called a basket. However, as the players progressed and improved their skill, there was a need to hit the ball into the basket from an increasing distance. It is not necessary to be unusually tall by nature, you can learn to regularly throw the ball into the basket, having average height. By training and maintaining good physical shape, you can become the leader of your team!

What a novice player should know

The casting technique should be mastered already at an early stage of training. If you do not pay enough attention to this, you will have to relearn, and it is always more difficult. Accuracy directly depends on the technical component, which should be brought to automaticity. Stability allows you to gain confidence, courage and ability to resist the enemy.

Training begins with a short distance - one and a half to two meters. You can use additional equipment, performing throws from a sitting position and standing on a chair. After the young player learns to accurately hit the target without touching the arms of the ring, the distance should be increased.

One of the most contact sports is basketball. How to throw the ball into the ring, if you do not take into account the actions of the defenders? That is why the training should hit:

  • in game pairs or triples of players,
  • in conditions of passive and active resistance of the enemy,
  • in a state of fatigue or psychological stress.

Types of Throws

Fans of spectacular ball games know that the throw by players is performed with both two and one hand. During the match of any professional club, you can watch how the attackers do it from a place or in motion. They score after a pass, a deceitful feint, in a jump, sometimes flying above the basket above the basket and pushing the ball from above. The legendary Michael Jordan, who did this especially spectacularly, was even nicknamed "His Highness."

Depending on the distance to the game shield, the shots are divided into distant, middle and near. The latter are carried out at a distance of up to 3 m from the basket. A long-throw indicator is the 6.25 m mark, after which the team is credited not with two, but with three points for each hit.

How to learn to throw a basketball ball into a ring from different positions? To do this, you need to master the technique of basic throws. There are six of them:

  • Bottom with two hands.
  • Bottom with one hand.
  • With two hands.
  • With one hand.
  • Jump shot.
  • Throw a hook.

Throw Bottom

How to throw a basketball ball from below? First, let's analyze the player’s stance:

  1. Leg setting: shoulder width apart. It is not necessary that both feet are on the same line, the left or right can be slightly extended forward. The legs are slightly bent at the knees. Both socks are directed towards the ring. Body weight is distributed evenly over the pads of the feet. Heels touch the floor, but not pressed against it.
  2. Body: the back is straightened, shoulders are straightened, elbows are relaxed and at the same time a little bent. The head is raised, the gaze of the player is directed to the basket.
  3. Grab: exclusively with the fingers. Palms do not participate in the throw. The ball is held below the belt line at a fairly close distance to the body. Thumbs are directed towards the basket, the rest look down.

Movement while hitting a target:

  • If a player performs a free kick, then preliminary movement is often used. During it, the ball rises to the level of the chest, and the legs straighten, after which the basketball player assumes the starting position and begins to execute the throw at the same pace.
  • The ball again rises up and forward while straightening the legs. As soon as the hands become parallel to the parquet, the player releases the ball with his fingers and brushes, giving it a reverse rotational movement. At the same time, the hands accompany the throw, the back is straight, the heels are torn off the floor.

With one hand, players score exclusively from under the ring during the fight against the shield. In this case, the ball is given rotation, which the attackers must take into account, preparing to hit the target.

Throwing away

When beginners ask how to throw a ball in basketball from the head, you need to understand that we are talking about getting in place. Such a throw is made from two positions, the second from the chest. This technique is used when you need to hit a target from a long distance. What is its fundamental difference?

Consider a throw from the head. As in the first case, the player must take a stable position by raising the ball to a level just below the chin. It must be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the body. The elbows are pressed to the body. The throw is performed while extending the arms and legs. The ball is rotated with the thumbs along the path up and down. As a result, he will fly to the target with a reverse rotation.

When throwing with one hand, remember that the height to which the ball is taken is determined by the player himself. If he is attacked by a defender, then his chances increase if he is able to make a throw over his head.

This is the most difficult element of the game, in which the defender is most difficult to repel the attack. He needs to predict the actions of a sniper in order to expose a block. Not all professionals have a jump shot. It is used at a short distance from the ring, although there are legendary athletes hitting a target from an eight-meter mark.

How to throw a ball in basketball if the opponent is in front of you? The answer is unequivocal: in a jump.

The player is pushed away with both legs, both from his place and with the body turning in the direction of travel. The throw involves not only fingers, hands, but also hands. It is they who, when straightened, give accuracy to flight. A very important element is the moment of hovering in the air. It is necessary to perform a prepared throw, designed to hit the target.

Throw a hook

How to throw a basketball ball after dribbling? One of the most effective elements of the game is to throw a hook. It is often used from medium distances, which is very important during the game. There are other situations where it may be most convenient. For example, after a rebound from the shield.

Any player must master such a throw with both the right and left hand. It is performed with the help of a leg push and the body turning when the player is with his back to the shield. If you intend to use your right hand, the attacker turns to the left, while raising the knee and moving the body in the direction of the target.

The push is carried out by the left foot, after which the ball is sent towards the basket in an arcuate motion. How to throw the ball? In basketball, aiming, soft brush movement, ball control with your fingers and smooth tracking of the throw are important.

Improvement of shots from close range and from under the ring

  • All short throw shots, both to the right and to the left of the basket, should be performed with a rebound from the shield and an aiming point.

In principle, nothing new, it is from this that all the throw training in each sports school begins: they teach to throw from the shield, while the ball should touch the upper corner of the “square” drawn above the ring. The ball should gently touch this corner (remember about ball reverse rotation when throwing) and bounce into the basket. In order to concentrate the attention of the thrower on the aiming point, you can stick a dollar icon or a picture of the sight there. Remember: the shield is your best ally, be sure to learn to throw with a rebound from it.

  • Practice clean throws from under the ring and clean throws with a rebound from the shield from the second "antennae".

So, we understand. Net throw - a throw in which the ball is lowered into the basket without touching the ring itself. To achieve such a throw, you need to throw it very gently, with reverse rotation, modifying with a brush. Such shots require the basketball player to have the utmost concentration of attention and a change in trajectory. So, we make 5 throws from under the ring in a row, 3 of which should be clean. If it is very simple - then add the number of throws up to 10, trying to do everything cleanly. Throws can be performed with a rebound from the shield, but the ball should not touch the hoop of the ring itself. Challenge yourself - and pass this test with honor!

Medium and Long Range Shot Enhancements

  • Again perform clean throws: 5 shots in a row from one point.

By the way, for me, clean throws are a big problem: the peculiarity of my throw is that I kind of load the distant handle, “striking” which, the ball falls down. But here is the problem - if the ring is slightly higher than usual, then almost all the balls go into the near arch, and while I get used to it - I smear a lot.

This quest allows develop stable throw accuracy. Five successive throws contribute to improving accuracy, because the shape of the throw, the efforts made, the trajectory - all this should be the same and be repeated all the time. Net throws make you “roll up” the trajectory, and this is also good: they are harder to cover and, as a rule, when you touch the ring, the ball will fall into the basket. And one more thing: a high trajectory gives rise to a short rebound, for which it will be easier to compete for partners.

  • Run several free throws in a row, before leaving the site (training).

Such a move will make it possible to repeat all the elements of the throw again and develops self-confidence. After the throw, you pick up the ball yourself, return to the free-throw line - and throw again. It is important to repeat the whole routine that occurs before free throws in the game. In order to recreate the game situation even more realistic, just add jerks to the exercise: threw the ball, performed a jerk behind the ball (to the middle of the hall, etc.), returned to the line again - threw it. Players can be stimulated with a certain competitive effect: who spends more time on the execution of 5 (7, 10) completed penalties in a row - runs, wring out, carries a partner to the locker room, etc.

  • Follow by 200 free throws daily for 5 days, or 500 on the first day and 200 in the next 4 days. Target: 25/25 throws, of which 15 will be clean.

Here you need to understand that you will need at least 1 partner who will “bring the cores”. In America, of course, this is not a problem; there are staff who receive money for this kind of service. But here, it will be more difficult, we’ll have to look for like-minded people. According to Jay Wolf, such a series of shots will help to hone the shape of the shot, the moment of release of the ball and the trajectory, and also - increase the accuracy of 3-point shots. Again, according to Wolf, 100 shots will take 15 minutes.

I somehow tried to throw such a series of penalties. I have the following technique: I squat a little, then straighten my legs and straighten the body while I straighten my arms. As soon as the body is fully unbent (I also get up on my toes) - the ball is released. It turns out - like one movement. So, calves from such rises quickly began to hurt, hands were tired, and the hand refused to tighten the ball. But some results nevertheless appeared, so the exercise is useful, even very much.

  • Identify the places from which you most often throw in games - and practice the “crown points” by completing at least 5 net shots in a row from these points.

I already wrote about this in an article on how to develop a throw (Basketball Shot Training), it turned out to be not quite the same as I imagined it in my head, but still it is very informative and useful.

  • Train your throw on correctly marked site, in a correctly marked shield. The site must have a correctly drawn 3-point line.

And again, I’ll complain a little: why in our country are all those people who have no idea how this should be done? Why are basketball markings inflicted by people who have never played basketball and do not know what the front line is? As a result, it passes under the front handle of the ring. And “treshka” - why is it 6 meters on the right and more than 7 on the left? Why?

So - try to choose good sites with the correct layout. And another note: at first it is very difficult to throw with a rebound from the shield, if the shield is streetball, i.e. much less than standard.

  • Hold hands after throwing, as if escorting the ball into the basket until it reaches there.

Here it should be noted that in his video about the cast, the legendary Pete Maravich (lessons from which will soon appear on the site) recommends not to hold a fixed brush, but wave 2-3 times after the ballrepeating the final stage of the brush.

  • And again about the type of throw: good throw, this is the one that in 60% of cases is not covered by the opponent and reaches the basket.

The point is that by performing such throwing exercises, you can develop confidence and increase the stability of the throw. And the belief that you can score now is a very cool thing.

Another little tip from me personally: visualization - this is a thing that really works (somehow I will write about it in the context of developing skills of throwing, dribbling, muscle development, etc.). So, if, when releasing the ball towards the ring, you will mentally imagine how it falls into the ring, rustling pleasantly with a net - the percentage of sales may increase. The main thing is to believe!

And this is where I finish, I wish you successful training and accurate shots! Good luck, and see you soon on the pages of our site.