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How to blow nose smoke


Right now you can do a fun trick to prank your friends. You will not need anything except mouth, pressure and saliva. Using the right technique, you can vaporize the saliva in your mouth and make it look like you are smoking. Anyone can do it. See step 1 for more information.

Your actions

Do not breathe. Focus is relatively simple and quick to learn, but the most important thing is to remember that you cannot inhale through your nose or mouth while doing this trick. It only takes a second or two, so you do not need to be able to hold your breath for a very long time.

Close your mouth or cover it with your hand. Try to create a very tight seal by closing your lips and fist or palms.

Strongly click the tongue at the top of the mouth. Without inspiration, you must create suction by pressing your tongue to the larynx at least 5 times, and possibly 10 times. Continue to do this until you feel that moisture comes in your mouth.

  • On the other hand, it’s easier for some people to do this trick by straining the muscles in their throats and cheeks, as if they were blowing very hard, but actually they are not blowing. This can create a similar pressure that creates a click, without the need to repeatedly click the tongue. This is difficult to do without breathing, which makes this approach somewhat more difficult. Practice a bit to see if you get this trick.

Open your mouth. When you feel pressure on your cheeks, slowly release compressed air from your mouth. It will look very much like smoke, but in fact, saliva just evaporates. You can act out your friends by simulating smoking, while actually not smoking.

  • Keep trying. If you are having trouble with a stunt, it is probably because you are breathing, or you are not producing enough saliva while clicking your tongue. Pay particular attention to your breathing and make a very tight seal. If you can't do this trick, click your tongue even more times and more strongly to create steam. Focus works.
  • Smoke rings

    Such smoke tricks are considered the most spectacular. There are two ways to achieve the effect:

    1. Put more steam in your mouth, then quickly make your lips with the letter “O”, while holding the tip of your tongue next to the lingual frenum. Pull out small doses of smoke with short exhalations.
    2. This method involves the same actions, only in this case you should say the vowel "O" with a larynx. The sound itself will not be heard - just the semblance of a click in your throat. Remember to keep your mouth open in a wide circle.

    Practice is important in this matter. Do not be discouraged if the first rings break apart quickly or fail in principle.

    Double puff "ghost"

    This trick with cigarette smoke is done as follows:

    1. Puff, but do not breathe smoke into your lungs - hold it in your mouth.
    2. Leaning your head slightly back, slowly exhale smoke for 1-2 seconds. Keep your tongue pressed to the sky. At the last stage, sharply lower it down.
    3. While the smoke cloud is at a distance of 5-10 cm from your face, slightly opening your lips and tilting your head toward him, quickly inhale it back, trying to collect it completely.

    "French breath", "waterfall"

    These smoke tricks are done this way:

    1. Inhale smoke for two to three seconds. It is important to keep it in your mouth - for this you can slightly swell your cheeks, like a hamster.
    2. Now open your mouth, thoroughly sticking out your lower lip, and begin to slowly release smoke. He will rise up.
    3. As soon as the smoke reaches your nose, slowly begin to inhale the vapor back to them.

    Tornado on the table

    Also a fairly easy trick. In a calm room, exhale a large portion of smoke on the table surface. Then pry it off with your hand and twist it into a kind of thin tube - such as the base of a tornado. To create a real whirlwind, you need only practice.

    Smoky soap bubbles

    These are very spectacular smoke tricks. Bubbles burst, releasing puffs of steam. You can do the trick like this:

    1. Dilute a dishwashing liquid with a small amount of water in a bowl, find a straw for a cocktail, or use baby soap bubbles.
    2. The more smoke you inhale, the more smoke bubbles there will be.
    3. Slowly exhale the smoke into a straw thoroughly moistened in soapy water.

    All smoke tricks are easy to describe, but to learn how to do them on the machine, you need a thorough and serious practice. Only by repeating your skills every day will you learn these actions, as well as be able to combine them and transform them into new ones. However, be sure to remember that smoking and cigarettes, and vape, and hookah is harmful to your health.

    How is this physically possible?

    Most likely, this girl knows firsthand what ear infections are and is familiar with a disease such as exudative otitis media. Young people are more prone to ear infections, which can lead to the appearance of exudative otitis media, characterized by the appearance of fluid behind the eardrum due to the fact that the channel that is responsible for draining this fluid and normalizing the pressure is too small and cannot get rid of that amount.

    To treat this condition, doctors cut a tympanic membrane and interfere with a tiny tympanostomy tube in it, to bury the medicine and create a way out of excess fluid. Since the ear is directly connected to the nose thanks to the Eustachian tube, this allows the girl to let out smoke through her ears. The girl just plugs her nose and creates air pressure, which has nowhere else to go, except through a tympanostomy tube.

    The tympanostomy tube itself looks like a small coil.

    Most likely, the girl will not be able to always perform this trick, because after treatment the tube will be removed and the eardrum will be closed again to release fruit smoke.

    And by the way, do not try to repeat this.

    And you could play a nocturne, on a flute of drainpipes? (Vladimir Mayakovsky)

    According to the Creator’s intention, air should enter the lungs through the nose, here it is warmed up or cooled to body temperature, filtered. Indian yogis devote a lot of time to training their breathing, and they say:

    Breathing through the mouth is like eating a nose!

    The immune system through sensory channels, taste and smell checks the air for harmfulness, and tells us the result of the test in the form of sensations. It provides an opportunity to determine whether it is possible to breathe such air, and if so, then the purified and passed control air enters our lungs, filling the alveoli with the life-giving elixir of life. The immune system uses the sense of smell as the most effective way to protect the entire body from attempts to penetrate dangerous substances into the lungs.

    In Goethe's Faust, Mephistopheles tempts Dr. Faust: “Whoever lights a cigarette at least once will not leave this fun and they will no longer talk about the devils about us, that we alone inhale the smoke and let it out through the nostrils. Would you fill a pipe with tobacco, dear doctor? ”“No, it's fun for fools,” Faust replied resolutely.

    But what does a smoker do? He, in the best way to deceive his immune system, puts a lit cigarette in his mouth, and. “Drinks” hot, toxic tobacco smoke, a gas of neuroparalytic action, saturated with toxic substances. Then tobacco smoke mixes with air and enters the trachea through the larynx, enters the bronchi and lungs, filling the alveoli. Try stuffing your cigarette in your nose and smoking it that way! Just one time. You can immediately push two cigarettes, as there are two holes in the nose, which is very convenient. Inhale smoke with your nose, and exhale with your mouth.

    I’m sure you would do that. For some reason, no one does it! Why don't you put a cigarette in your nose? - Yes, it’s easier not to smoke. The immune system will give the answer “NO” immediately. Have you seen anyone with a cigarette in their nose? Everything that enters the lungs must undergo a kind of customs control by your sensory olfactory system to check poisons and other harmful substances, i.e. through the nose.

    And the smoker leaves the "immune system" with the nose. Drinking tobacco smoke is an insidious way to trick the body's defenses that are responsible for your health. You should be honest with yourself, love and respect your immune system, which is responsible for your health.

    Advise everyone to smoke only through their nose as an honest way of getting dubious pleasure. All other methods of “pumping” tobacco smoke into the lungs - perversion and scam.

    Smoke through your nose!

    Amaze and cheer your friends with tricks with hookah smoke. The most popular tricks with the hookah world are rings, soap bubble, jellyfish, repeated inhalation and trick with chewing gum.

    There are many different tricks and jokes that will help you spend the evening much more fun. Performing all these tricks is not difficult, but you should be patient, the first time it is unlikely that you will succeed in doing a difficult trick with a hookah.

    Repeated breath

    The meaning of this trick is as follows: by releasing a small amount of thick smoke, inhale it back. The secret of this trick is this: you do not need to deeply inhale the lungs, you just need to collect smoke in your mouth. Having filled a full mouth of smoke, with the help of cheeks and tongue we exhale (push) the smoke from the mouth. Breathing in the smoke cloud we breathe back.

    Double ring

    The task is to release two rings simultaneously. The sequence of this trick: inhale the smoke, make the lips in the shape of an “o”, exhale slowly and put a finger on the lips. The first time it doesn’t work. First, remember how to make regular rings.

    Inhale deeply the smoke and gently exhale it on the table (preferably glass) exhale gently as if spread the smoke on the table. Having sharply passed a hand on a table in the middle of a smoky cloud, you need to tear it from the table. It is important that the movement at this moment be up and on yourself. Try and experiment.

    This trick conquered the Internet. Not all experienced stunts did it right away. In this trick, a dense smoke ring is important, exhaling it to hold a straight palm. After your little ring has taken the ideal shape of the ring, exhale a small portion of smoke in the middle of the ring. It’s important not to blow off the ring that we released. Today it is one of the most difficult tricks.

    The most important thing is practice. You can’t do anything without training.

    Exhaling smoke through the nose, unlike the usual exhaling through the mouth, is perhaps one of the best ways to really taste the tobacco. It is also an enchanting way to release smoke from your lungs. There are several different ways to exhale smoke through your nose.

    The main method is to keep your mouth shut after inhaling and just exhale through your nose, as usual. This process can be diversified by releasing a little smoke and then re-inhaling it (with the mouth or nose, as described in the “” section), and then releasing a small part or all of the smoke completely on the second exhalation. This is probably the most satisfying way of smoking. You will notice that more smoke lasts longer inside you, and how much more nicotine is absorbed into your body.

    You may have noticed that after a deep breath, the smoke slowly released through the nose will not seem very dense. If you want a lot of smoke to flow, just try to fill the lungs with smoke after inhaling, and then immediately exhale the smoke through your nose. This will give more piquancy to the sensations, in contrast to the usual physical satisfaction that you get from a deep puff.

    Actually, regarding exhalation through the nose - that's all, because it is difficult to come up with another way to exhale the smoke that you inhaled. As already mentioned (see section ""), you can drag out repeatedly. And what do you do after the first puff? The first option has already been mentioned - you can let out smoke through your nose while you take the next puff. This is a good thing as it frees up space in your lungs for a good deep breath. So, what happens during such an exhalation through the nose? Well, after you take the first puff and inhale the smoke, and inhale the second time, you need to make room in your lungs for the next portion of the smoke - you will exhale through the nostrils! You can exhale through the nose in this way, or not exhale between puffs at all and release smoke through the nose after the second deep breath.

    As with all other smoking methods, here you can combine exhalation through the nostrils with other methods, such as an open mouth or exhalation through the nose and mouth at the same time. Imagine a wisp of smoke from your mouth slowly pouring into the main stream of smoke erupting from your nose. This undoubtedly also enhances the aroma of smoke. Many women do this unknowingly, again, watching themselves in the mirror, preferably double or triple, to see themselves from the side. You will see how wonderful it can look, almost the same as the sensations that you experience.