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How to make a charm bracelet using threads?


Have you ever wanted to find a bracelet that looks like a babbling brook? Now you can do it yourself! This wristband looks amazing on your wrist. In addition, it will be relevant with any outfit.

Step 1. Prepare beads in three shades (light, medium, dark), clasp, sewing thread, measuring tape, scissors.

Step 2 Measure your wrist to know what size bracelet you need.

Step 3 Double the result and add another 25 cm to the resulting number. It is better if you have a supply of thread than its lack.

Step 4 Measure the desired length of thread.

Step 5 Cut the thread.

Step 6 String 1 medium, 1 dark bead, clasp, 1 dark and 1 medium bead.

Step 7 Tie a knot so that it converges just in the center of the beads. Tighten the ends.

Step 8 Add one bead to both threads. It should fall exactly on the knot you tied.

Step 9 Now thread two threads separately into two beads (dark and light).

Step 10 Put light bead on both ends of the thread at the same time. This scheme will be used further for weaving a bracelet.

Step 11 Make sure that the result is the desired length of the bracelet.

Step 12 Finally, put the second part of the fastener on one of the threads.

Step 13 Make a knot and tie it tight.

Step 14 Cut off the remnants of wire. Caution, do not touch the knot!

Step 15 Now you can enjoy the new jewelry and show off to your friends with pleasure!

Choose a color

Now many people wear an amulet made of threads, considering it a simple and original decoration, but the energy that our ancestors put into the Slavic "hems" gradually affects its owner. If you want this to be not just a decoration for you, but a real charm bracelet, you can make it with your own hands and give it the meaning that you need.

Weaving a talisman is possible with a simple pigtail and a complex pattern, while it is very important to use natural threads. Which colors to choose? It will depend on what meaning you want to fill your charms bracelet with.

  • Red - filament bracelets of this color best protect their wearer from the "evil eye", timidity and lethargy, and also help in cupid affairs.
  • Orange - joyful and courageous, radiating warmth and attracting health, helps to strengthen strong-willed qualities. It is very good to make an orange amulet with your own hands when you need to regain strength after an illness.
  • Yellow is a symbol of sunlight, the flight of thought, health, aristocracy and wealth. Yellow amulets will be useful for pregnant women and young mothers.
  • Green is a symbol of rapid growth, enormous vitality. Green is useful for those who want to gain control over their feelings and words, need a harmony of male and female principles or aim to overcome obstacles.
  • Blue is a symbol of divine truth, spiritual growth of a person, fidelity and trust.
  • Blue is a sign of nobility, a spotless reputation, as well as financial independence acquired honestly. Helps develop oratory and creativity.
  • Violet is a sign of love and wisdom, an amulet of this color will be indispensable for someone who is trying to find his way in life.
  • White is a combination of all the colors of the spectrum. White amulet can give its owner harmony and tranquility. Slavic charms were always made using white.
  • Gray - it is not recommended to use in amulets, only silver, as a symbol of the moon and the feminine.
  • Black - was added to the Slavic amulets in very small quantities, as a symbol of mother earth, poise.
  • Brown is a sign of hard work and perseverance.

Those who are going to make a bracelet for the first time as a talisman, you can take threads of all colors of the rainbow. And later, upon mature thought, choose one, two or three colors for the next.

Make or receive as a gift

If color symbolism alone is not enough for you to decide what the amulet that you will make yourself should be, you can choose the color depending on your zodiac sign. And in addition to it, to create a pattern, pick up threads of one or two colors - those that symbolize qualities that you currently lack, or that you would like to develop in yourself.

What colors will suit different zodiac signs?

  • For rams - red.
  • For bodies - green.
  • For twins - black, brown.
  • For crayfish - silver.
  • For lions - yellow or golden.
  • For virgins - white.
  • For scales - light green.
  • For scorpions - crimson.
  • For archers - blue.
  • For capricorns - black.
  • For aquarius - gray.
  • For fish - indigo.

If you have decided on the flowers, you need to choose the weaving technique in which your bracelet-mascot will be made. If you do not know the complicated weaving techniques - it does not matter, a charm bracelet made of threads can be woven in the form of a simple braid of three strands. The main thing is that it should be done with your own hands.

Traditionally, Slavic charms were performed by women alone, so that no one would distract with extraneous affairs until the work was completed. This is very important, because it will allow you to convey the amulet to your thoughts and aspirations as much as possible, to create for yourself effective protection and the basis for the development of missing qualities. If you are distracted by other things, it is possible that you will make a very beautiful decoration, but it will not fully perform protective functions.

Making a charm with your own hands is the best way to find a protective talisman. In this case, it will initially be "tuned" to its owner. But you need to do it, either by reading prayers or the appropriate slander, or by saying aloud the desires that you put into the talisman, in your own words.

If you are completely not friends with needlework, and you really want to get a charm bracelet, then other ways of acquiring it are not forbidden. You can buy a bracelet from a master if you feel that you simply cannot leave without it. You just need to ask whether it is made of natural threads, and before you put it on your hand, read a prayer or slander.

It is very good if the mascot in the form of a bracelet made of threads is presented to you by a person who treats you with sincere friendliness. At the same time, you should also feel good feelings towards the donor. Only in this case the gift-amulet will “work”.

How to supplement and how to wear

It turns out that creating real Slavic amulet bracelets is not so difficult, it is important that there is a burning desire and a little patience. And then you can make a strong amulet, which will help you in difficult situations. Well, of course, you need to pick up strong threads for your talisman.

The hands and wrists of the Slavs were considered one of the most vulnerable places of the human body. Through them is the most active energy exchange with the outside world. Charm bracelets were designed to protect the human body from the attacks of evil spirits.

Sometimes, in order to enhance the protective value of bracelets, beads, beads were woven into them or pendants were made to them. If you make a bracelet with your own hands and want to complement it with jewelry pendants, it will be nice to find out what these or those symbols mean.

  • The key is to “lure” money.
  • Castle - protects your home and its well-being.
  • The sun - helps to quickly come the "white line" in life, protects the family and makes the perception of the world brighter.
  • The heart is now perhaps the most used symbol that needs no explanation.
  • Angel - symbolizes heavenly protection and patronage.
  • Horseshoe is a sign of well-being and strength of the hearth.
  • Ship - travel to distant lands.
  • Elephant - gives happiness, peace and judgment.
  • Coins - “attract” to the life of the holder of the bracelet of their “relatives”.
  • A dagger, ax or other weapon - if they are on female jewelry, then its owner is under the protection of a strong man.

You can add one or several pendants to the bracelet, depending on what desire you make. If the pendants ring, then their “voices” will also protect the owner of the bracelet.

When the amulet talisman is ready, it is not at all an idle question how to wear Slavic bracelets made of threads. If volitional qualities or logical thinking are more important for you at the moment, it is better to put it on your right hand. And if you are going to do some creative work or are set up for friendly communication, then on the left.

It is believed that if a bracelet made of threads is torn, then you should not worry: he averted trouble from you. Repairing it is not worth it, but you need to make a new one. Author: Olga Inozemtseva

Master Class

  1. Insert the thread into the needle and fasten the knot.
  2. Take the tape, make a triple fold according to the type of accordion.
  3. Thread the needle and thread into the crease.
  4. String a bead.
  5. Make the whole bracelet according to this pattern.
  6. Tie a bow.

I recommend to watch a video master class!