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How to fold a rabbit-shaped napkin: 3 Easter ideas


Decorating an Easter table is a real art. Everything matters, even how to lay the napkins on the table. We want to share an idea on how to make an Easter bunny out of napkins.

How to make a rabbit (bunny) from a napkin

Before you make a bunny (rabbit) from a napkin, decide on the color and coloring of the napkins. Their choice will depend on your preferences and on what will be the setting of the Easter table. We offer you some photos for inspiration, see which Easter bunny from a napkin you like the most.

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How to make an easter bunny (bunny) from a napkin

To make these festive Easter napkin rabbits decorate your Easter table, start with well-starched square napkins. Fold the bottom third of the napkin up and the top third down, making a rectangle.

The video shows in detail how to make a bunny from a napkin for the original Easter table setting. Everything is clear without words, and you will no longer have the question of how to fold the napkins or how to make an Easter bunny from a napkin.

Rabbit from a napkin video / Bunny from a napkin video

The second way to make a rabbit (bunny) from a napkin. For him, you will need not only a napkin, but also a thread and an egg. Follow the instructions in the photo and you will get an excellent napkin in the form of a rabbit (bunny).

If this seems too complicated, make napkin rings with felt easter bunny ears.

Make a pattern of the right size, cut out the details, as in the photo.
In the middle of the "eye" you can stick a material of a different color.
Then, under one of the ears, make a longitudinal incision. Passing the second “ear” through it, you will close the napkin ring.

Another way to make a rabbit-shaped napkin ring is from cardboard. The scheme is about the same as the previous craft.

  • We draw a template of the necessary size.
  • Cut out the details from the cardboard template.
  • In each detail we glue the opposite ends.
  • For decoration, you can glue a button.

Now you know how to fold a napkin in the form of a rabbit (bunny) or, in extreme cases, make a ring to make a rabbit (bunny) from a napkin.

A cloth napkin rabbit is difficult but beautiful

The most difficult of all the options we have collected here is a rabbit folded from a linen napkin. But it looks really original, so if you want to really surprise your guests, be sure to try to make it. After several attempts, you will surely succeed.

As you can see, there is nothing too complicated or ingenious. The main thing is to remember the sequence of steps and correctly repeat each of them.

By the way, to make such a rabbit it is very important to use square napkins. And before you turn them into a variety of shapes, they must be carefully starched. Otherwise, they will not keep in shape and break up.

If you use multi-colored napkins to create such rabbits, the result will be different:

And here is a good example of how to fold a rabbit from an ordinary napkin:

A simple rabbit from a napkin - easy and original

If the previous method seemed extremely difficult to you, try to make the rabbit out of the napkin differently. To do this, take a square cloth napkin, fold it as shown in the photo, and then wrap it around the egg.

Tie the resulting composition with a thread, and then draw eyes and nose on the egg - congratulations, you get a great rabbit! Now it can be used to decorate the Easter table and beyond.

Rabbit ears - elementary, but very creative

If you didn’t like the second method, try a very simple option for creating a rabbit decor - tie a napkin with ears. You can make them from anything - paper, cardboard and even felt.

The latter, for example, looks pretty good if you use monotonous fabric and inserts from pieces of polka dots in the manufacture of ears:

Making rabbits from colorful napkins is a very attractive and exciting activity. Therefore, in order not to sit for a long time over the manufacture of festive decor, be sure to involve your children in this. Together it will be more fun, and there will be several times more rabbits.

Option number 1. From a textile dining napkin

  1. Textile napkin,
  2. Satin ribbon,
  3. Pompom (optional)
  4. Glue gun or threads for fixing the pompom to the tape.

We take a textile napkin, visually divide it into three equal parts. We bend these parts according to the photo below. It turns out a rectangle.

Visually leave a mark in the center of the rectangle and bend the sides here. You can even iron these parts. It turns out something like the roof of a house. The side parts of the "house" are bent to the top. And then bend the sides, according to the photo below.

Fold the resulting structure in the center. We tie a ribbon to which, if desired, you can glue the tail of the pompom.

Here is such a very beautiful napkin in the form of a bunny obtained as a result of simple actions.

Option number 2. From a paper napkin

  • Two colors of napkins,
  • Egg (can be plastic),
  • A piece of decorative tape.

We unfold the napkin, fold it in half, so that we get a rectangle, and then fold it again in length. As a result, a long strip is learned. From a second color napkin, prepare the same strip. By the way, it is better to use napkins denser, they will keep their shape perfectly.

We open the napkin, and bend the sides to the center line, so that an angle is obtained. This procedure must be done on the opposite side of the napkin. And the second napkin is made out similarly. We look at what napkin will be located inside, with us - pink. We lay a white napkin on the table, cover with a pink napkin, and make it a little shorter, bending in the center. We fold both napkins in the center along the center line. Then we open them and bend the sides to the center line. And once again we bend in the center. The result was a roll with sharp tips.

In the center of the resulting workpiece, lay the egg, lift the ears up and grab them with a piece of tape. At first glance, this method seems difficult, but in fact this decor is done very quickly and simply. Recommended!

Option number 3. Bunny ears for a napkin

  1. Textile napkin or fabric,
  2. Scissors,
  3. Pencil,
  4. Template,
  5. Sewing machine or needle with thread.

From the fabric or napkin, we cut out two parts with a clogged tip according to this template according to the template:

We lay the parts facing each other, and stitch along the perimeter, leaving an unbroken hole in the center. Through this hole, the product must be turned out, and the ears should be sharpened from the inside using a pencil. It remains to sew up the hole in the center, and iron the resulting ears.


Next, we take a table napkin, turn it into a roll and tie it with ears on top.

Method number 4. Felt rabbit ears for napkins

  • Felt,
  • Scissors,
  • Template,
  • Pencil,
  • The cloth,
  • Stationery knife,
  • Glue gun or PVA glue.

We lay the template (find below) on felt, circle along the contour and cut the workpiece. With a clerical knife we ​​create an incision near one of the ears.

Next, we translate the second template onto the fabric (presented below), two such pieces will be needed, cut out.

Fabric parts need to be glued to felt parts. You can glue on PVA or with a glue gun.


It remains to roll a textile napkin into a roll, grab it with a strip made and pass one of the ears into the previously created hole.

Method number 5. Textile Ears

  1. Cloth napkin
  2. Tape,
  3. Egg,
  4. Marker with a thin rod.

Fold the napkin in the center from corner to corner. And turn into a roll. Fold in half, lay the egg in the center. From above we tie a ribbon. And on the egg we draw the muzzle of a hare.

Method number 6. Rabbit face

  • Napkin,
  • Marker or paper parts for the face.

We open the napkin, bend the corner, and turn, but not to the end, so that the tip of the napkin remains free. Then we bend both sides of the roll as in the photo below. Turn the product over and draw or lay out the cut out paper details of the rabbit.

Method number 7. Textile bunny

  1. Terry cloth (from which the bunny looks more realistic),
  2. Ribbon,
  3. Pompons and glue gun (optional).

Fold the table towel for hands in the form of a triangle. Then we turn into a sausage. Fold in half, bend the ears to the top and tie a ribbon. Below you can see how this is done according to the scheme. A very easy way! Wishing the animal, you can draw a muzzle with pompons and glue the tail.

Method number 8. Napkin bunny rings

We have a master class on the manufacture of such rings on our website, go here.

So we shared different options on the topic of how to make a bunny from a napkin or do-it-yourself napkin. All the options presented on this page are easily realized, according to the presented step-by-step photos, everyone can do it! Well, if you want even more decor ideas for Easter, then we invite you to visit this section of our site here!