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How to use Facebook


It is difficult to imagine a modern Internet user who does not know what social networks are. VKontakte and Odnoklassniki are exactly those sites on which we spend most of our time. But this is not the whole list of popular social networks. In foreign countries, for example, everyone uses Facebook. And if you want to try it too, but the interface seems a bit complicated and incomprehensible to you, we will tell you how to use Facebook.

Facebook is that.

Let’s first understand what Facebook is. This is a global social network native to America. It is she who is the progenitor of the VKontakte network, known in Russia and the nearest countries, which appeared later. And its creator, Pavel Durov, took over the idea from the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Invented, Facebook was a regular student at Harvard University in 2004. How to use Facebook, no one knew yet. And at first it served as a means of communication between different students of this, and later other universities. And only after Facebook became very popular, it was decided to open it to the whole world. It happened in 2008. At the same time, the Russian-speaking population of the planet learned about how to use Facebook.

How to register

Registration in a social network does not take much time and is absolutely free. To create a Facebook page, it’s enough to have a working email address and preferably a mobile phone number.

  • name and surname
  • E-mail address,
  • password,
  • Your gender,
  • date of birth.

Then a special letter should come to the mailbox. It is necessary to open it and confirm the registration. Everything, you coped with the main task. Now you are part of another social network.

Fill in information about yourself

In order for your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates and relatives to be able to quickly find you, you need to enter information about yourself most fully and reliably. You can specify your name in Russian and English. Two options will allow you to quickly find you in the search. Information about where you study or work is also important, because thanks to this you will be able to find most of your surroundings.

One of the most important steps is to add an avatar. It is from the photographs that they first of all recognize and distinguish you from numerous namesakes.

If you want to provide as much information as possible about yourself, for example, to find new mates or to meet the opposite sex, this can also be done easily. Add the following data:

  • place of residence
  • marital status,
  • political preferences
  • religion
  • Favorite quotes, movies and books, etc.

How to use

After all the information in your profile is filled in, you can proceed to the operational part and master the principle of operation of this social network. Understanding how to use Facebook is easy. Over time, each action will work out automatically, and the interface will become painfully familiar, you will navigate with your eyes closed. But if you are an inexperienced user, you need to know the general plan of action.

How to write a message on Facebook:

  • go to the "Friends" tab and from the proposed list select the desired recipient,
  • go to the page of the person to whom you need to write, and in the upper right (just below the avatar) click on "Message",
  • in the dialog that appears, you can write everything you need and press the Enter key to send.

Facebook is a global interesting social network. Register and get comfortable in it will be useful for everyone. And to make it easy and simple.

We deal with the main sections

So, having driven in the address bar of the browser, you automatically get to your Home page, presented in Russian. Otherwise, it can be called a News Feed. This is where updates to all of your Friends are published, as well as the Pages you follow.

At the very top of the Ribbon is a window designed for writing and subsequent publication of your post. Write down what you think, what you are doing, or what you want to share at all, attach a photo or video if you wish, by clicking on the appropriate button, and then click “Publish” to post the written post.

Another important section on Facebook is the user profile, aka Chronicle. You can go to it simply by clicking on your name in the header of the site.

Here you can see all the publications that you have made, as well as some information about you: interests, films / artists / books you liked, place of residence, date of birth. You can also use the profile header, which contains the following sections:

Information - a section that contains the personal data you specify. They can be edited at any time.

Friends - Your Facebook contact list. In addition to people who are already on your Friends list, here you can see users who have sent you requests to add to Friends, as well as their own requests to other users of the social network.

Photo - it’s already clear from the name that the section is dedicated to the photographs you published. Everything is broken down into photo albums. Convenient, clear and easy.

Yet - under this inscription all other sections are hidden: Video, Places, Music, Films, Groups, Likes, etc. You do not have to use them so often (and in most cases never at all), therefore they are compactly hidden so as not to take up much space on the page.

Now back to the main header of the site. In addition to the Profile and the Home page, users can find the Find Friends section. It is worth noting that using Facebook search is not as convenient as searching in many other social networks. Search options are limited by name, place of study, work and residence, and this information is usually not enough. However, the Facebook leadership does nothing in this direction, and users have to put up with the opportunities available.

In the header of the site you can also see 5 icons. 3 of them indicate notifications:
- notifications of new requests to add to Friends,
- notifications of new messages,
- all other notifications, incl. new comments and likes.

The icon will allow you to quickly change the privacy settings, and clicking the icon will “send” you to all other settings.

Learning to work with Facebook is actually easier than it might seem on your first visits. A week of communication on the social network - and you can use all the functions correctly: send messages, write new posts and, possibly, even open your own public. The main thing is not to be afraid of anything and boldly explore the wide possibilities of the site. And of course, comply with the set of rules established by management. We’ll talk about them now.

Without breaking the internal "law"

Surely you have heard about the rigor and integrity of the Facebook system. Users are often blocked, and the reasons may be different. In order not to become a “criminal” in a social network, you need to know and follow some important rules:

  • Respect others. Do not insult other members of the social network, do not behave defiantly. Immoral and aggressive behavior is strictly punished by the administration until the account is completely blocked.
  • Do not spread provocative or forbidden information. Drug propaganda, the spread of pornography and inciting ethnic hatred are serious reasons for a final and irrevocable block.
  • No spam. Distribution of unauthorized advertisements, numerous requests to add strangers to Friends may lead to a restriction of your Facebook capabilities.

If you want to use all the functions of the most popular social network in the world, just follow the above rules, and you will be able to avoid unpleasant situations with restrictions of functions and complete blocking.

Why Facebook?

Many of us are inclined not only to communicate with people whom we know in person, with whom we communicate, make friends, spend time, but also to expand our base of contacts, for example, those who are useful to communicate in the professional field, share experience, knowledge and skills .

Facebook allows you to expand your circle of acquaintances and enter the professional environment comfortably and without much difficulty. Colleagues and those who are interested in certain areas of professional activity conduct discussions on issues related to economics, finance, politics, leisure, sports and other interesting topics within profiles and pages.

Facebook allows you to expand the horizons for business, create useful professional connections, have a pleasant conversation, share opinions on the subject under discussion. Within the pages and profiles of topics for discussion, an infinite number. And this is only part of the internal professional freedom that Facebook gives.

Creation of pages and groups containing information about the company, and their active promotion in social. Networks are a feedback form for your customers and partners. This is a powerful tool that allows you to reach the huge audience that is right for you right now.

The number of users of the Facebook social network is only increasing every day, and the trend continues to grow and develop. Despite this, I still quite often meet users on the network who are not sufficiently aware of the wide possibilities of Facebook and methods of communication not only with companies and partners, but also with each other. This is our today's material.

What is it like?

Facebook is a unique online platform, one of the largest social networks in the world, a tool for quick, instant interaction of people from all over the world. This is a widely developed platform with well-thought-out functionality that allows users to actively communicate and interact with each other at any time of the day, anywhere, city, country of the world.

Facebook has a multifaceted functional of interaction between people: users share knowledge and experience, exchange news, photos and videos in personal and professional fields.

Let's get straight to the point. If you are not using Facebook as a useful tool, then read on.

High-quality and timely, regular use of a certain number of Facebook technologies and tools inevitably leads to a result without large material costs. In the following articles, we will definitely cover the topic of promotion tools on Facebook.

Agree, in any business it is very important to find the shortest path to your target audience and use it. Business pages and groups that can easily be created on Facebook on their own without the involvement of specialists do an excellent job of this.

I believe that many also care about the question of how to attract additional traffic to the site, because we all ultimately fight for conversions and want grateful customers to line up for our goods or services. We all want prosperity and material well-being. The speed of spreading information on Facebook is truly phenomenal.

In order to effectively use it as a tool, it is necessary to formulate a clear plan and promotion strategy, think about positioning in advance: your personal role or the role of an organization or company.

Here are the main opportunities of this social network:

  • the opportunity to attract useful people to your business,
  • rich feature set
  • Special offers,
  • setting up the necessary contacts and connections online,
  • targeted advertising
  • the possibility of direct contact with consumers,
  • video and audio
  • view feeds, likes,
  • reposting your favorite posts,
  • discussion of interesting topics
  • the opportunity to share opinions
  • open communication with the audience,
  • instant response to published information,
  • Mobile version of the site,
  • ease of use
  • posting information about professional activities,
  • Actively discussing topics with friends and followers
  • quick ad setup
  • the ability to promote the page itself or its internal functions,
  • instant demand testing.

Facebook Concepts

The main thing is that in different social networks, communities, profiles, groups have different functionality and are used for different purposes. To competently approach the study of useful Facebook functions, we will analyze the basic concepts:

  • Your wall is the space inside your profile where you post, decorated with texts, photos or videos.
  • Post - publication on a social network.
  • Friend or friend - friend added by mutual consent. The person who clicks “Like” on your page is its subscriber.
  • A news feed is part of your profile where news from the pages of your friends you are following is located.
  • The “Like” button - by clicking on it, a person becomes not only a subscriber, but will also receive a notification about new photos and news on your page in the future and watch them in his stream.
  • Personal profile - a profile containing information about you. Facebook uses real names and surnames. Based on your personal profile, you can create pages and groups in the future.
  • Facebook page - a community is formed on the page - a place where people communicate. You can set a short beautiful address, well indexed by search engines, is the main tool for various types of business.
  • Facebook group - created to communicate on a specific occasion. It has limited functionality, however, it allows you to share opinions and find friends by interests.

The difference between personal profile and page

The main and, perhaps, the main difference is that the personal profile contains information specifically about you as a person. All posts and news that you share, you post on your own behalf.

On the contrary, a Facebook page is primarily intended to talk about a product, service or product, and may also be dedicated to the activities of companies and business communities. The functionality of the pages is thought out so that without wasting time, quickly and efficiently, convey information to the consumer and win the sympathy of the audience.

There are a number of rules and tricks on how to find your target audience on Facebook. Especially for you in the near future I plan to pick up material on this topic, so do not forget to go to the blog pages.

In continuation of the topic, it is also worth noting that, unlike the profile, the page is accessible to the general public, which plays an important role in attracting grateful customers to your business. In addition, the page is well indexed in different search engines, which, in my opinion, is the main favorable feature and can positively affect conversion and profit.

If you are still determined and ready to conquer new heights in the space of the Internet, then we continue to explore today's material.

Instruction: where to start the promotion?

Step 1. We define a task for ourselves and honestly answer the questions:

  • Do I need a presence on social networks and Facebook in particular?
  • If so, what tasks do I set for myself?
  • Is there a social. networks my target audience (CA)?
  • If so, is she inclined to open communication?
  • How much time am I willing to spend per day?
  • Doing everything on my own or with the help of a specialist?
  • What result do I expect?

Step 2 We set real goals in stages and in accordance with our category of business, for example:

  • Create and develop an interesting and visited community on Facebook.
  • Recruit 50/100/200 subscribers in the first month.
  • To ensure a monthly increase in the number of subscribers by 10/20/30 ... 50.
  • Organize traffic to the site after the community gathers strength and becomes active and vibrant.
  • Plan your next goal.

Having created a page and letting its development take its course, one cannot achieve high efficiency. Facebook gives good results after some time, patience and competent work win here. Constant control and adjustment of the strategy may be necessary again and again.

Step 3 Experimenting with content

Content is the filling of an information resource, necessary and significant. The more diverse the content, the more interesting and visited your community will be.

Step 4 Encourage people to read you constantly:

  • People want to receive information from the same consumers of services as themselves.
  • Post information in a structured and intelligible way.
  • Constantly answer questions, thank for comments, communicate with subscribers, respond to comments correctly.

Step 5 Think over your strategy in advance:

  • A well-built advertising campaign can significantly reduce the cost of other advertising sites or even avoid them.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust, consolidate communication with the client through open communication.

Summing up, it is necessary to add that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. Страницы, профили и группы в Фейсбук позволяют добиваться удивительных результатов! Примеры большого количества компаний, представленных на Фейсбук, многократно доказывают это.

If we managed to convey to you the importance of the presence of you and your business on Facebook, then the next article describes in detail how to register on Facebook, where we will focus on the basic points of registration and filling in personal data.

Good luck to you! Light and grateful subscribers on the Internet.

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Instruction manual

First of all, you need to download the Facebook application to your mobile device. Of course, this is not necessary and you can stop on the web version of the social network, but nevertheless, it will come out of the smartphone on the road and hang. Then comes the creation of the account, its initial setup and entry. And in conclusion, it remains to deal with the search for people and sending messages. These are the main points that a beginner should know about. The remaining possibilities will be found out along the way, and our website FBGID will help in this task.

Step # 1: Download

The Facebook application is officially supported on three mobile platforms: iOS, Andro /> Here are the links to them (open from the device):

Facebook is not possible without an account. If it is missing, then you have to create it. To do this will come out both through the previously downloaded application, and directly from the site. This procedure is described in full detail here.

Step # 3: Finding Friends

The next step is to find friends and add them to your friends. After all, this will greatly facilitate further communication, as well as provide an opportunity to track news from them, new photos and so on. The easiest option to add a person is to ask him for a link to his own profile. But it will also come out to do everything through the search function.

Step # 4: Sending Messages

Suppose you want to write something to your friend through Facebook. On the site of social. network this is done quite simply:

  1. Open his page.
  2. Click on the button "Message".
  3. Enter the text of the message and click Enter.

But with the mobile application there is a catch. The fact is that in its full version there is no function of sending messages. The developers did it on purpose. And for communication, you just have to use the “lite” Lite client, or download a special messenger with a not-so-original name Messenger. On iOS, it is available in Up Store, and on Android in Play Market.