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Do-it-yourself candy bar for kids


In recent years, a candy bar or a sweet table has become an indispensable attribute of a wedding celebration. This interesting detail emphasizes the style of the wedding and delights guests with all kinds of desserts. The best ideas for design with photos - in our review.

An elegantly decorated buffet table on which fruits, juices, sweets, cakes, marmalade and other sweets are presented is called a candy bar.

At the wedding ceremony, he performs several functions:

  • cheers up guests
  • creates a festive atmosphere
  • emphasizes the stylistic orientation of the celebration,
  • decorates the interior
  • becomes the original photo zone.

Treats are easy to turn into pleasant gifts for guestsif you invite them to pick up their favorite sweets before leaving.

Filling - recommendations and photos

Having finally decided that a sweet table will be installed at the wedding, the newlyweds must decide on its filling. Better opt for light dessertsthat are convenient to eat without risking to stain the holiday outfit.

Here is just a small list of the most popular types of filling.

Chocolate covered strawberries

The actual option will be at a summer wedding, when the strawberry ripening season begins. This will save your wedding budget. In addition to strawberries, they use cherries, tangerines, oranges, grapes, bananas.

With the help of fruits and toothpicks, they create elegant canapes or simply spread sweets on special napkins. Before serving, garnish with icing sugar or coconut.

Chocolate fountain

A bright detail of the candy bar will be a chocolate fountain. Having an amazing taste, it also looks very impressive on the table. Fruits are placed around, so that guests dip slices of apple, banana, kiwi, strawberry or mandarin in melted chocolate.

You can rent a fountain or use fondue instead. - special heat-resistant dishes in which chocolate or cheese is melted.

Other sweets

  • Fruit in caramel. Different types of fruits are poured with soft caramel and served on small skewers or toothpicks. Such a dessert certainly does not leave anyone indifferent,
  • Cupcakes with air cream, mastic and delicious filling. It’s better to choose options with different toppings: nuts, raisins, berries or chocolate chips,
  • Cake pops - sponge cakes in the form of balls. On top of the cake pops are poured with caramel and sprinkled with powdered sugar, chocolate chips or coconut,
  • Macaroons - French cookies with almonds and toppings. The layer can be any: chocolate, nut, from berries or fruits,
  • Oriental sweets baklava, Turkish delight, jalebi, halva, sorbet and karakot - the perfect choice for an oriental-style wedding,
  • Candied fruits and dried fruits - healthy and tasty treats will appeal to both children and adults,
  • Marshmallows - sweets reminiscent of candy or marshmallows. To decorate the table, lay a slide on a beautiful dish and sprinkle with chocolate chips.


When preparing a sweet table for a wedding celebration, you should remember the number of invited guests. It is advisable to use several types of desserts so that everyone chooses something to their taste.

Typically, 5-6 treats plus drinks are served. For a modest wedding, you can limit yourself to 3-4 options.

Candy bar is usually complemented by non-alcoholic and low alcohol punch, fruit drinks, fresh and juices.: orange, apple, cherry, pomegranate. A great option will be stewed fruit made from fresh berries and fruits.

In summer, cold drinks are put on the table, for example, fresh ice cubes and cocktails made of milk and fruits with syrup, and hot chocolate, fruit tea and coffee are suitable for a winter wedding.

Cook or order?

Treats for a wedding are bought in a candy store or cooked with your own hands. You can buy pasta, cookies, cupcakes and profiteroles in your favorite restaurant. You should not buy them at the supermarket, as sweets often contain harmful ingredients.

Each option has pros and cons:

Sweets from the restaurant

The plus is that at an average cost you can buy desserts from a professional chef, while no need to worry about serving and decoration. Often, dishes and service are included in the price of the order.

The disadvantages of this solution: a rather limited choice and limited design capabilities.

What is a candy bar?

As often happens, the name is borrowed from the English language: “candy bar” literally translates as candy bar. Here, it looks more like a beautifully laid buffet table, the entire range of which is represented by drinks and sweet treats.

On what occasions to do it? Nobody has yet canceled the tradition of treating guests with a cake after a feast, so it will be appropriate to organize a candy bar for a children's birthday or for any other reason, since it can be non-traditional and thematic. The mere presence of a sweet table does not exclude the possibility of feeding guests with main dishes, and only then invite them to a bar.

It differs from the usual sweet table only by one thing - an unusual design with all kinds of decorative decorations according to a certain topic. And of course, every sweetness is a real work of art.

At the confectioner

Using the services of confectioners, newlyweds receive a beautifully designed and delicious candy bar. All wishes on the subject and color will be accurately fulfilled.

High cost is the main disadvantage when ordering a sweet table in a candy store. You will also have to take care of transporting sweets to the venue of the banquet and choose a table, dishes and accessories.


It’s not necessary to use special surfaces to place the candy bar. In this matter, everything depends only on the imagination of the newlyweds and the style of the wedding.

  • For themed weddings use vintage tables, dressing tables, decorative whatnots. Even an old grand piano can be used at a wedding in retro style,
  • For a wedding in a rustic style, a wooden table decorated with beautiful carvings is suitable,
  • Pallets and old boxes come in handy for an eco-style wedding,
  • For decoration in the style of Provence, treats can be arranged on shelves covered with linen tablecloths and decorate the composition with fresh flowers. Another option is elegant trays and plates with a floral pattern.

Candy bar will be an excellent decoration for a wedding with a European buffet, and for a celebration with a banquet.

The main goal of the background is to highlight a candy bar from the general interior. Better place a sweet table near the wallso that he does not interfere with the dancing guests. The wall near the bar is decorated with ribbons, tinsel, balloons.

In order for the background for the candy bar to turn out spectacular and attract attention, it is important to observe the boundaries. Its width should not exceed the width of the table. Height - no more than a meter.

Popular background materials:

  • paper pompons
  • Themed murals
  • poster for warm wishes to newlyweds from guests,
  • collage of photos of the bride and groom,
  • a piece of fabric of neutral color or with original prints: peas, strip or chevron,
  • garland of corrugated paper or satin ribbons.

Here are some tips for designing it:

  1. One theme, idea, style, color scheme corresponding to the celebration.
  2. Preference is three to four primary colors, if it is not a "rainbow" party. There should also be a general background on which the table will stand out. It is important to choose the right tablecloth for the candy bar, the usual one is not useful here, and to make it from wide towels or large napkins in two layers will be much more appropriate.
  3. You will have to decorate not only the table, but also the room itself, where it is placed: either balls, colored paper pom-poms, ribbons, or something else that is suitable for this.
  4. Careful selection of treats: they should be enough for everyone and more than once.
  5. The bar should have a "chip." What will it be? One centerpiece different from all the rest, a giant jug with a drink or an exclusive cake?
  6. It is better to rely on your own thoughts to get a candy bar with your own hands. Take a look at the room, think about the child and his preferences, about the guests who need to be invited, and the idea begs for itself.

Then it remains to select materials and create.


Creating a candy bar is a fascinating creative process that requires good taste and creativity.

Individualities are added to the candy bar with the help of special labels for drinks, invented names and phrases, stickers on dishes, plates with the initials of the bride and groom.

You can order the design of a candy bar in a specialized studio where professional decorators will gladly take up the preparation of the holiday. But in the presence of free time it is much more interesting to do everything yourself.

Using a candy bar as a photo zone, you need to take care of the props for shooting. It is easy to do it yourself: cut out a huge mustache, lips, bowlers or glasses from cardboard and fix it on long skewers. Bright lollipops will also be a fun addition to the photo.

To make a sweet table with your own hands, you need to purchase:

  • a beautiful tablecloth with embroidery or a pattern,
  • a set of glassware and cutlery,
  • sweets,
  • multi-tier coasters,
  • skewers or toothpicks,
  • decorative decorations: ribbons, garlands to match the main color of the wedding.

Sweets for Candy Bar

Choosing sweets, you can make a choice in favor of store products or stop at home baking. It is clear that in the second case, the treats will be more delicious. The main attribute of a children's bar can be a home-made cake. It is acceptable to offer guests different types of fruits (dried, fresh, thawed), laying out fancy shapes from them. Do not forget about drinks.

So, if a decision is made to stock up on ready-made sweets, what could it be?

Sweets, lollipops, marshmallows, cookies, marmalade, sweets of the East, cakes, glazed nuts and other things that can be found on the counter and will suit the topic. Today’s children’s candy bar can’t do without newly-minted macaroons - cookies, the halves of which are glued with filling, muffins with cream inside, cupcakes, cake pops - biscuits in the form of a ball worn on a stick, with confectionery powder or plentifully watered with caramel and chocolate. All of them amaze with a variety of colors due to the use of safe food colors, so they are suitable for almost any table.

And if you decide to bake treats at home, then, for sure, my mother will have some kind of “highlight”, for example, grandmother’s notes with ingredients for cookies. If not, then you can pick up simple options for making sweets and start this lesson.

Candy Bar Recipes

There are a great many of them, only a sophisticated mistress can handle some. If there is no way to fiddle around the stove for a long time, but you want to organize an event, then you can try the following.

Slices of fruit in sugar. Cut an apple (another similar fruit) into slices (cubes), chop each piece on an ice cream stick. Melt the sugar, dip the prepared fruit pieces there, gently remove and decorate with any confectionery powder.

"Shish kebab". Slices of fruit, marshmallows, marshmallows strung on long wooden skewers, lay a slide, sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Orange jelly. If the candy bar is children's, then this dish will certainly add to everyone a sunny mood. Peel a few oranges, cut into circles, put in a plate, sprinkle with sugar (about half a glass), wait until the juice appears. In a saucepan, boil two glasses of water with sugar and edible gelatin (15 g), pour in the glass juice. Cool a little, pour into forms, put an orange.

Homemade lemonade. In a large container (for example, a jar) mix soda and mineral water, squeeze a lemon (lemon juice), add sugar, cool. Pour into glasses, serve with a slice of lemon and a straw.

If you wish, you can find even more recipes and use them to prepare treats for the celebration.

In the open air

A table with food is best placed in the shade of trees or in a tent. This will help preserve the appearance and taste of treats in the event of a sharp change in weather conditions.

In summer, sweets are covered with transparent glass lids so as not to attract insects.

For registration use natural materials: leaves, twigs and flowers - for decoration, and wooden planks as supports for plates.

For such an important event, do not use ordinary dishes. Each item must be original. To save space on a small table, use multi-tiered fruit dishes. It is best to choose unbreakable plates and scissors. So that guests can better consider the proposed desserts, they use transparent vases and glassware.

The legs of the glasses are decorated with bows, ribbons and lace braid, and dessert spoons are served wrapped in beautiful napkins.

To make the treats look more interesting, small sweets, dragees or marshmallows are laid out in layers in tall transparent vases with legs. The dishes are also chosen based on the style of the weddingwhile it doesn’t matter if the plates and glasses have the same shape. The main thing is that the serving as a whole looks organic.


You can arrange a wedding celebration in the following styles: retro, ethnic, country, marine, rustic, classic, while adhering to either one main shade, or add decorative elements of different colors (but no more than three).

Ideas for unusual accessories:

  • for each treat, they come up with a separate name and write on special cards (they are ordered at the printing house or a sample is printed from the Internet),
  • as original dishes often use large wicker baskets,
  • several competently composed bouquets and randomly scattered flower petals will decorate any candy bar, and original grass wreaths are suitable for a rustic wedding,
  • you can arrange graceful figurines or cute soft toys,
  • The drapery from the fabric for the wall of the candy bar is decorated with paper butterflies or ribbons.

Do not forget about candles. You can pour coffee beans into glasses and put candles inside. Or buy elegant candlesticks and place them beautifully on the table.

Sandy bar for children's birthday

Perhaps the very holiday when you especially want to please your baby is his birthday. The advantage of organizing an event on this occasion will be a completely undefined style of design, because it all depends on the preferences of the birthday person. Maybe he likes lego toys? So let there be a “Lego Holiday”. Or maybe she considers herself a princess? Then give her a fairy tale.

It is clear that for the daughter’s birthday, where little beauties are mainly invited, it is better to prepare a candy bar for the girl using the appropriate colors and accessories. Light decorations are useful here: bows, ribbons, pink and orange balls. Sweets can be like magic wands, stars, hearts.

As for the organization of a table for the son, the candy bar for the boy will not be so sentimental. Of the decorations - ship garlands, flags, the same balloons, but more restrained colors (white, blue, red). In the bar - treats in the form of animals, planes, cars, ships.

Tip: Do not let guests go without surprises. Arrange some sweets from the table in advance in paper bags and hand them to each child who leaves home. They are provided with pleasant memories of the holiday!

When inviting children to a birthday, it will not be amiss to think about the sequence of its holding, that is, what, in fact, they will do in addition to absorbing all sorts of goodies. After all, the main thing is fun! Two or three contests will be quite enough, then they will find themselves fun. If the children are not alone, but with their parents, then they should also be taken care of, perhaps offering them traditional dishes or snacks in addition to sweets.

As you can see, making a candy bar for children with your own hands is absolutely not difficult. Moreover, the process itself will be quite fascinating, not to mention its result!

After I gathered sweet tables for the birthdays of many close children: nephews, nieces, crosses, and little kids of friends, I finally got around to write a big post about it. I’ll tell you how, without resorting to the expensive services of decorators, make a stylish Candy Bar, decorate the photo zone and cook unusual sweets. The first part is just about sweets. Get inspired and decorate!

Now it’s a Candy bar, and in our opinion a sweet table, as they say, is in trend. Indeed, if everything is done in one style and thought out the original decorations and treats, then the kids just squeal with delight. My niece, for example, meeting guests, warned everyone: “I have such a chic table!”

The tradition came from America, small receptions with delicacies there are unusually popular. Every detail must be thought out to the smallest detail, all in tone, under a single style. There are even traditional sweets for the kids bar. They are bright, elegant, serve not only food but also decoration.

Cupcakes — кексы, оформленные взбитыми сливками, кремом, мастикой или шоколадом. Особым шиком считается сделать такие вот сладости в тему праздника или в цветах общего декора.

Tip: at the grocery store you can buy a pastry pencil with jam or boiled condensed milk and make inscriptions and drawings on muffins. Experiment with mastic; it is freely sold in large supermarkets (just above the video, how to work with it).

Cake pops are cakes reminiscent of the traditional dainty “potato” to taste (by the way, it will also do). The cooking principle is similar, but a little more complicated. Small balls are made from biscuit mixed with cream, which are then decorated with glaze and put on a wooden skewer. By the way, instead of a cake at the peak, you can put on an apple, dipping it in caramel or chocolate.

The fastest option, if you have no time to cook cake pops, is chocopike. The sticks in them are very confident, they look decent.

For the test: butter - 40 grams, sugar - 80 grams, egg - 1 pc., milk - 70 ml, baking powder for dough (or soda), flour - 4–5 tbsp. tablespoons (with a slide), tangerine peel - 3 tbsp. spoons.

For balls: powdered sugar - 2 teaspoons, butter - 20 grams.

For glaze: milk chocolate - 50 grams, butter - 10 grams, topping for cakes.

1. Hammer the egg in a bowl, add sugar and continue to work with a whisk until foam is formed.

2. Mix 40 oils with the same amount of sugar and grind until smooth.

3. Pour milk into a bowl with an egg, add a mixture of butter and sugar after stirring. Stir vigorously and put the tangerine zest in the mixture.

4. Combine soda / baking powder with flour and add to bowl. Mix everything until smooth.

5. Put the resulting dough into a mold and bake until golden brown.

6. Grind the cooled biscuit, put in a bowl, add butter and powdered sugar. Connect everything. Roll small balls out of the resulting mass.

7. Insert the skewers into the balls and put the dessert in the refrigerator.

8. To prepare the glaze, mix chocolate (or sugar with dye) with butter and melt in a water bath.

9. Dip each chilled ball in the icing, roll in the confectionery powder and again in the refrigerator. Dessert is ready!

Marshmallows - marshmallows in small pieces of air. This is what scouts in American films fry at the stake. Do you remember? You can buy it now in almost any large supermarket.

Liquorice - bright licorice sticks are not only colorful, but also useful. At the heart of the treats is licorice juice. Find in pastry shops.

Gingerbread cookies. There are many recipes and types of jewelry. You can order from the craftswomen or bake yourself. We published a wonderful recipe, on the basis of which build any gingerbread figures.

Use special confectionery stuff like silicone or iron molds, multi-colored mastic, ready-made powders and sugar decorations.

Cake. There are a lot of masters creating real culinary masterpieces. Before placing an order, be sure to look at their portfolio. The home version will also look no less solemn.

Biscuits. The more original it looks, the more popular it will be in children. A couple of times I baked button cookies. They look wonderful, but they are prepared quickly and simply!

Ingredients: 200 g flour, 100 g butter, 80 g sugar, 2 yolks, 2 tsp. vanilla sugar, 2 tsp cocoa powder (or food coloring “by eye” to the desired shade).

Cooking: grind the yolks with plain and vanilla sugar. Add soft butter, mix thoroughly. Sift the flour in parts, each time kneading the dough with a spoon.

Put half of the mass into another container, blind with your hands in a lump. In the second part add cocoa / dye, knead a little and also mold into a bun. Put both types of dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Roll the light dough into a layer with a thickness of about 5-7 mm. Cut the mugs with a mold (for this I used an inverted glass with a diameter of 5 cm). Then, in each circle, make a dent, but do not cut it to the end (squeezed the lid from a plastic bottle with a diameter of 3 cm).

Then, in the center, make two or four through holes, as in a button. For this purpose, take a tube of juice (you can use a match or other suitable item). Blind the remaining dough again into a ball and roll it out. Make preparations until the dough is over. TAlso do with the painted half.

Putting it with a spatula or knife, shift all the mugs onto a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees. Bake for about 20 minutes.

Ready cookies to cool completely. You can pour with chocolate, decorate with ribbons.

Macaroons. These are small multi-colored pastries from the air dough.

Traditional meringues are also great for their role. But the original recipe is still attached.

Can be poured into colored paper cups or bottles from baby juice. I make a festive sticker on them, tie a ribbon and. beauty is ready!

On the Internet came across small elegant children's mini-coolers. For a sweet table - a wonderful option.

As for the drinks themselves, it is convenient to buy juice immediately in bottles. Although, as practice has shown, homemade fruit drinks and soft drinks are a great alternative to any convenience store.

Attributes for the table

They look great cupcake coasters. Paper can be bought in online stores, on sites like Ebay or made by yourself. Here is a detailed workshop.

Look original piece sweets in the banks. You need to find beautiful glass or plastic transparent containers and fill them with sweets, dragees, marshmallows, marmalade, chocolate wedges, cookies, corn sticks ... whatever you like. Little lovers of sweets will look at such designs with curiosity and enjoy finding a treat for themselves.

I took the usual inexpensive high glass vases. They look very stylish, but cost only 100-200 rubles. I bought silicone for glasses as caps.

Until the next holiday, a vase stands in the kitchen and acts as a cookie cutter. Convenient, by the way!

For berries, you can use colored paper cups. Beautifully and immediately in portions. Sometimes I put small cookies in them. Ergonomically, if the table is narrow and there is a catastrophic lack of space for plates with treats.

Chocolate fountain. If the fruits do not compete well with sweets, a design with flowing warm chocolate will help. It is beautiful and very tasty. Sliced ​​on skewers pieces of fruit, in contact with a fragrant waterfall, become an unusual and refined delicacy. You can rent or buy.

Instead of spoons, you can use wooden sticks (like popsicle), which are better to design in the same style as the whole table.

Plates take color and bright. In the holiday theme, they can be ordered on different sites or found in large stores.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Sets are here. Continued about the decor of the room and about printing!