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If they survive from work: how does the struggle for a job end


Judging the three most important aspects of life is not easy, especially right after school. But do not hang up your nose, even if the problems seem insoluble. You you can enjoy life and be successful if you master a little in time management. And do not worry, for this you do not need to paint every minute in detail.

  1. 1 Remember, no matter how many different expectations and requirements came from others, this you make decisions. For you, a personal understanding of happiness is important, so do not do something only due to the fact that someone decided that it would be good for you. Only you You can decide what exactly is best for you personally.
  2. 2 Priorities. Think about what is most important, but do not neglect other matters, considering them insignificant. These priorities are needed only in order to determine the sequence of tasks in difficult situations.
  3. 3 Set aside time to study and prepare for classes and don't break the schedule. Lingering at work, sometimes you have to work tightly. It is difficult and not always possible, but you need to try to adhere to the schedule. Do not plan any other activities during your studies.
  4. 4 Look at the class schedule. Use the course program for long-term planning. Larger tasks are easier to complete little by little, so that the need to pass the course in a week does not fall upon you like snow on your head.
  5. 5 If you feel tired at work or during school, this may be caused by lack of sleep. Studying and other daytime activities are important, but healthy sleep without interruptions is even more important. Sometimes there are days when you need to get up early and go on business. Well, as an exception, you can sacrifice a dream and leave the house, after doing a 10-minute charge and having a cup of coffee, to drive away drowsiness and get a boost of energy for a day.
  6. 6 Find something positive in your work. If you like something in the work, it is easier to do it, and even a relatively light work exhausts all your strength if you hate it.
  7. 7 Try to keep your mind at work. He always wants to leave, so keep him on a leash, not indulging in the desire to reflect on an essay or dream of meeting a guy. Such thoughts are pleasant, but because of them you are distracted from work, which can affect its performance. It is difficult to work when the mind is in the clouds, and it takes more time to complete tasks, and it seems that the work stretches for centuries.
  8. 8 Talk to your boss. it not licking, and the effort to know him better as a person. Believe me, the leader will appreciate this desire, and in the future it will be easier for you to agree on a day off when he really necessary.
  9. 9 Have fun when you can. After completing all tasks, dispose of the remaining time at your discretion. Seize the moment and enjoy it!
  • A good guy will understand that you are quite busy. They maintain the right relationship, and if the meetings with the guy are soon exhausting, then it's time to think about reviewing them or find another guy.
  • Try to stay up late with your studies if work is scheduled for the morning. Exhaustion will affect the ability to work, and the day will be exhausting.


  • If the job seems hateful, it's time to change it. No need to throw sharply. Continuing to go to work, look around and look for a satisfactory replacement. Having found something suitable, inform the management about 2 weeks before the calculation and work out the time. (Just make sure the job is really guaranteed).
  • Check when you wake up in the morning.
  • Bedtime - 23:00.
  • If studies fail, even with considerable effort, you may need to find a tutor. Everyone is faced with situations where external assistance is needed. There are additional courses at colleges, and the faculty usually clarifies difficult points.
  • Dinner with a guy - from 20:00 to 23:00.
  • Time for work - from 7:00 to 15:00.
  • Study - from 17:00 to 20:00.
  • If simplified methods of time management do not work, start a separate organizer (as a diary for recording tasks and meetings) and use it to distribute time. Example: Saturday:

Survive at work - how to behave

If you survive from work, then leave. This is my main advice from the height of the past years, work experience in Soviet times and survival at work during the period of moral-commodity-money relations of the current time. Now I’m retired and can share my observations on how and with what the struggle for a place under office lamps and desktops ends.

I emphasize that on the pages of the blog I transmit personal experience and do not pretend to be an expert on labor relations (for conclusions in social networking groups, see the end of the article). It’s just that I have been living in the world for a long time and can already draw conclusions from again life observations. My friends, relatives and girlfriends periodically found themselves in this situation:

  • You work well, sometimes even a cool specialist.
  • The salary and the place are satisfying; I did not plan to change anything.
  • But gradually it turns out that they want to “take you away”.

Under the circumstances, you need to make a decision: fight for your job or look for a new one. I observed both options in action and with consequences. In short:

1 option. You fight, defend your rights and do your job cool. Effects:

  • Exhausted by the constant nervous tension from the fight.
  • Anyway, they will leave the job (after all, the boss or colleagues have more opportunities to “put a pig”).
  • Dismissal usually occurs “with a bang”.

Option 2. You relatively calmly accept changes in the working environment and, saving your life time and women's strengths, you begin to look for yourself a backup version of a new job.

  • Preserved mental strength and health.
  • The new job will surely turn out to be more productive for your life goals (you do not start from scratch).
  • Life will punish morons anyway from past work.

Regarding the last point, I am 100% sure. Never before has a judge of the highest category, called Life, left the boomerang of Fate inactive. Therefore, everything, good and bad (I emphasize!), Is without fail returned to those who launched this very boomerang.

And he beats you at the most inopportune moment (I’m talking about personal))) By the way, regarding the personal point of view on a woman’s career, you can read in the article “Business woman or just a woman” and at the very end of the text.

Now, regarding the conclusions from heated discussions in social networks on the situation: what to do if you survive from work. So there the supporters of a fierce struggle for justice and those who believed that it was not worth it to spoil their lives converged “on the forehead”. True, they defended their views calmly and peacefully.

As a result, each remained his own. Each on his own point of view and with his unequivocal conclusion. Which I wish you too. Decide for yourself what is preferable to choose in this situation. The pros and cons of each exit you have already read above. But the fact that in the end the situation is repeated "if they survive, then they still survive", the fierce adherents of the struggle for the workplace somehow lose sight of. From myself I’ll say:

Any work is temporary. Except the one on which you work for yourself. That is, run your business. In this case, it turns into the main engine of life and a source of income.

But a woman has a duty to be a mother. And this is first of all. Therefore, I advise you to observe the balance of “work + family” without fail, no matter how difficult it is. Of course, if you want to talk "heart to heart" with older children in old age. After all, if the work you have in the first place, then then they simply will not be up to you. As you are now not up to the children.

My recipe for work is simple. I never wanted to be a boss. I really wanted a family and children. And from this point of view I watched all the changes in my life for the professional plane. Therefore, I only got to my business in retirement))) Moreover, all things are postponed when an adult son or daughter asks for advice or just needs help on the Internet (it turned out that in Runet’s affairs I am the most advanced in the family)))

And so I live: increasing income on the Internet, sharing advice from personal experience with young women and giving up everything when they call on Skype: “Mom?”

Good luck, dear readers of the blog. And at work including)))

Single bread

Official unemployment in Russia is extremely small (according to Rosstat, it barely exceeds 5%), in this regard we are a much more attractive country than the United States or European powers. However, economists say that these are features of statistics. Even before the 2014 crisis, caused by falling oil prices and (as a result) a collapse of the national currency, real unemployment was estimated by experts at about 20%. Now this estimate has increased to 30%. But what “real” unemployment is, no one knows.

It must be borne in mind that a huge number of people in our country work according to a strange schedule “a month in three,” that is, during the year they work only occasionally. Most likely, such people should also be considered unemployed, but Rosstat does not.

How do people live who do not work at all, and for a long time?

First of all, they need to solve the food issue. To do this, you can use manuals such as “25 dishes of bread and mayonnaise” and “How to tie a hat from old socks”. There are a lot of such life hacks on the Internet, and it is not at all necessary to write out the magazine “The Beggar Bulletin”.

Bottom downshifting

Theoretically, in Moscow you can live on 4000 rubles a month, although this amount is almost three times lower than the capital's subsistence level. Moreover, the theory is confirmed in practice, and not by a fragile Cinderella, but by a big-grown guy with a weight striving for hundreds of kilograms. Here is an approximate formula for a monthly diet from Muscovite Vladislav Kuznetsov: 30 packets of instant noodles (so-called “whisk packages” at a price of 15 rubles each), oatmeal and onion, three dozen eggs, one chicken, three kilograms of potatoes, bread and some others little things to taste.

Fortunately, the vital, "strategic" products in our country are inexpensive (bread is about ten times cheaper than in the West), so you can survive. In Moscow, in this sense, the situation is even better than in the rest of Russia, because you can always buy in hypermarkets or budget supermarkets, where the price of many products is about 30% lower than the national average.

An additional way to survive without work is eco-products, that is, food from gardens. And here the residents of small cities already have an advantage, in which summer cottages are larger, more fertile, and it is much more convenient to get to them. According to some economists, in the 1990s, many people survived precisely because of food from the gardens. However, contrary to the stereotypical media representation, not everyone is passionate about applied agriculture. Usually, involvement in this type of activity is determined not so much by the level of income as by family traditions and character patterns. Sometimes wealthy families hold (own or rent) three plots of land with a total area of ​​more than a hectare, and the poor, who are barely making ends meet, completely ignore the agricultural sector.

Parent house

Of course, most young people (under 35) do not keep gardens themselves, they use the fruits of the labor of their parents. And here we go to another way to survive without work. As you know, many young people live in their parents' apartments, eat their parents' products and spend their parents' pocket money.

This vicious tradition is quite old, it is caused primarily by the housing issue. Not everyone decides to rent an apartment or, especially, take a mortgage loan when it is possible to live with parents ... and a husband, sister, two children and nephews.

However, modern youth is trying to move away from these "traditional values", especially since the rental housing market has developed rapidly over the past ten years.

Exit strategy

To people who decided to get out of the unemployed "binge", we can advise the so-called coven or part-time job. Physically fit men can get a “unloading a little coal,” namely, various goods in stores. Motorists can drive people for a moderate fee. Owners of business-class cars can earn extra money even at weddings.

However, these types of activities are not suitable for residents of Moscow: these markets have fallen sharply due to the large number of migrant workers working for a meager pay, so they can’t make much money.

In this case, you can focus on intellectual activity: write, translate, draw, etc. Students and other educated people actively practice tutoring. Experienced tutors can earn 1000-1500 rubles per lesson. Finally, apartment owners can rent them out and go to Goa. However, due to the depreciation of the ruble, you will need a very large apartment to survive ... Therefore, sooner or later you will have to use the tips outlined above, or still find a job.