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Virtual phone number: what is it, where to get it and how to use it


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Most web services and social networks require the user to provide a phone number when registering. From the point of view of ensuring the protection of personal data, this is a reasonable step: in order to access the account by double authentication (password and a special code that comes in the form of SMS). However, there are situations when this becomes a problem. For example, if a person needs to have another page on the same resource, and you can use the phone only once.

It is for such purposes that this service is used on the Internet - to process phone calls and messages forwarded to other subscribers (usually not related to equipment, and the connection is made remotely).

Who uses the offer

This service is used not only by individuals (for registration on social networks), but also by business representatives.

For example, an organization acquires a telephone with a Moscow code and a service for sending messages to another city in order to form an opinion among consumers that the office is located in the capital, regardless of where in the country it is actually located.

For non-commercial purposes, they are mainly used for registration on web resources: VKontakte, Facebook, etc. This is convenient, since having received a virtual number, you do not need to specify a personal number, because in the future it is unlikely to be needed yet. Ordinary users can use it for free or for a nominal price. The conditionally set value here is observed due to the lack of market and the impossibility of determining it: on one site it can be sold for 15 rubles, on the other - for 100. For a business, you will have to pay for creating a virtual phone number. They are used for the following purposes:

  1. Receive messages (usually a code that must be entered on the site during registration).
  2. Call forwarding to other phones related to the equipment of the subscriber (mobile, landline).
  3. Creation of mass SMS-mailings on a pre-prepared client base.
  4. Record voice messages and provide users with information in the form of a voice menu.

Ease of use is that the user protects himself from further receipt of spam, and the company - blacklisting the contact after mass mailing.

Benefits of Creating a Virtual Phone Number

First of all, the services of telephone service companies make it possible to turn on and operate a subscriber, without having to buy a stationary device or a SIM card. All you need to do is go to the site, choose the best option and pay. At the same time, the connection to the equipment occurs remotely, the subscriber does not bind anything to himself, and use the multichannel service remotely, regardless of location.

There are many different sites on the Internet that provide SMS services. Such a function, as a rule, is free or requires little cash investment. The most common web services for creating one-time virtual numbers are: Sellaite, Receive-SMS-Online, FreeOnlinePhone, etc. Despite the fact that their sites are English-speaking, they are available for many countries of the world, including Russia. The principle of their work is quite simple: a person visits a web resource, chooses a free one, and exploits it at his discretion. At the same time, the user himself cannot contact him - the service issues a code received by SMS. As a rule, for individuals this service is relevant as an easy and effective way to create many accounts on social networks. Among the main advantages of this method can be noted:

  1. Simplicity and ease of connection.
  2. The minimum tariff for using the service in general, and outgoing calls in particular.
  3. Multichannel, with the ability to organize dozens of different lines, which are jobs for operators whose main task is to receive calls from customers and give advice.
  4. No need to purchase stationary equipment - the entire process of connection and operation takes place on the Internet on the server of the seller company.
  5. Users usually trust organizations where the call center begins with the code 800. This suggests that, firstly, the company is serious, and secondly, the subscription fee will not be charged from the caller.

It is worth noting that the successful implementation of the service is possible only with constant access to the Internet. At the same time, you can work both from personal computers and laptops, and from smartphones. To do this, you need to install additional software or applications. As a result, the user can make his own virtual number and the whole telephone infrastructure in a short time, having only access to the Internet and computer equipment. You can customize the line and use it at your discretion - there are no restrictions.

How to get a virtual phone number

As already noted, to create it, the user only needs access to the Internet. Next, you should select a site that provides IP-telephony services. This does not have to be a large company. For ordinary users who want to register on some kind of social network, a simple web service will be enough. One of such sites is the SMS-REG activation SMS service. Here is a huge database that has never been used before. The rental price here is quite low - from 10 to 12 rubles for creating a page on a social network. A more expensive service is operation for a certain period of time: three hours will cost a person an average of 50 rubles. A similar Russian site is OnlineSim.

It is worth noting that there are more economical options on the Internet. For example, sites with free foreign numbers. Here, the user does not need absolutely anything except registration with an email address, nickname and password creation. Among them are Sellaite and Receive SMS Online. These are the simplest services for receiving messages. The downside here is the fact that all subscribers have previously been reused. To use better IP-telephony services, you must use the services of large companies.

  1. Playground Twilio. This is an international service that provides services on a fee basis, although some sections are only available after making a small amount of money. For new users, there is a trial period during which you can make a virtual phone number of any country, including Russia, absolutely free of charge, after which you can easily receive messages. Despite the fact that Twilio is an English-language resource, it has an intuitive interface and a simple registration form.
  2. TextNow This is another English-language service where you can get one phone for use for free. All that needs to be done is to go through a simple registration on the site, and then download the official application on a smartphone with the Android or iOS operating system. Numbers cannot be selected here - they are generated automatically.

Choosing a site for connecting a virtual number is necessary based on the tasks: if you just need to register an account on a web resource, you can use free offers, and to create a working telephone infrastructure you should use paid, but reliable services.

Purpose, features and benefits of virtual numbers

We sorted out one of the types of virtual numbers - they are used to receive SMS when registering on social networks, for example, VK and Odnoklassniki, as well as on other web sites. Duration of rental is from 5 minutes to a day. The cost of the service is symbolic. And in some places it's generally free.

Another kind of virtual phones is used in business. In this area, they are used not for registration on sites, but for the main purpose - for receiving and making calls, as well as for SMS / MMS and fax messages. Such numbers are provided for rent (usually long-term) by telecom operators of various regions. The essence of the service is as follows: the subscriber (enterprise) is located in one region, and works in another. In order not to go broke paying for roaming and long-distance calls, the company buys (rents) a virtual number in the region of operation, all of the data from which is forwarded to the customer’s real phones or telephone exchanges. Number, as a rule, is provided usual - municipal. Less often - mobile.

Advantages of virtual telephony:

  • For users of VKontakte and other social networks - the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts.
  • For those who register on the sites of stores and trading floors - the opportunity to avoid telephone spam and protect themselves from scammers.
  • For subscribers of paid gaming, music and other web services with a free trial period, where the user is identified by phone number: the ability to extend the free period for an unlimited time.
  • For business - saving on communication services. Simplification of communications with the enterprise for customers and partners in remote regions (this is no less important than personal savings, because few people want to pay for calls to your company at inter-city rates). is a classic paid, but inexpensive service for registering on Internet sites. Provides the following features:

  • Choose a number from an unlimited database. This ensures that no one has used it before you. The base is available 24 hours a day.
  • Get SMS to your previously used number.
  • Forward incoming calls to your personal mobile phone.

After registration (here it is required) you have to replenish the account. Currently (December 2016) there are 6 replenishment options available:

  • PayPal
  • Yandex money.
  • Bank cards.
  • Qiwi.
  • Bitcoin
  • Z-payment (supports many different payment methods).

Tariffs, as can be seen from the screenshot, are low. The most expensive one is 17 rubles for the immediate provision of a registration number for VKontakte, which receives SMS within 20 minutes. If you want to save a little, you can get a used number for 12 rubles (but not used on this service), which sometimes takes a long time to wait.

The cheapest is renting a phone to receive SMS from Mamba, Yandex, WhatsApp, Telegram, SEOsprint, Friend Around, Steam, Uber and OpenI. Immediately - 3 rubles, used with a delay - 2 rubles.

OnlineSim offers a choice of MTS, Beeline and Megafon numbers. Optionally, you can configure the filter so that only one operator’s phones are shown to you. Here you can also "filter out" the region (Moscow, St. Petersburg), the possibility of forwarding SMS to your personal mobile phone and the option of service (repeat the message and extend the lease).

An account statement is available on the site for ordering (with operations, expense amounts and dates). And if there are difficulties or problems, you can always contact technical support. is in many ways similar to the previous service. Here, too, a huge database of free, never used phones for collecting on various resources is collected. Prices are the same on average. So, renting a number to create a VK account costs 8-10 rubles. Buy a ready account - 12 rubles.

Renting a room for receiving SMS for a certain period of time will cost a little more: 3 hours - from 40 rubles, a day - from 60 rubles.

The list of Internet resources with which works is no longer than that of Online Sim, but here you can use the phones of several countries. Among the available: Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria.

The main advantages of paid SMS receiving services are time saving. For a not too ruinous sum (2-15 rubles) you will be provided with the telephone number of your own country (many domestic resources simply do not accept American and European numbers), which is guaranteed to not be used by anyone. And the contents of the SMS that you receive, no one but you will not read.

OnlineSim and SMS-reg are far from the only sites that provide SMS service. There are those that do not require anything from the user. Even registration, not to mention payment. Of course, you won’t be able to register with their help on VKontakte, but for some “omnivorous” Internet sites they will be quite suitable. is one of the easiest SMS services to use. It works for free and without creating an account. It is enough for the user to take one of the available numbers for 5 minutes and indicate it when registering on the desired site. The current available number is displayed in the second field at the top. A reply message (SMS confirmation) will appear right here - on the Sellaite page.

The advantages of the service are simplicity and accessibility. Disadvantages - all the provided phones are reused, so the bulk of the Internet sites do not accept them. There are no Russian numbers. Ukrainian and Belarusian - too. In addition, the text of the message addressed to you will be visible to everyone who is now on the site.

Receive SMS Online

The service works in a similar way - just go in and get any of the eight free phones. Unlike Sellaite, Russian and Ukrainian numbers are often available here.

Next to each phone is the number of times it has been used in the last 24 hours. The smaller, the greater the likelihood that the number will be accepted by the site on which you are registering.

Reply SMS with confirmation codes come here. To read, just click on the number. in comparison with the previous two - a much more civilized service - is one of the most popular web resources of this kind in the English-speaking space. In his assets - an extensive database of telephones from around the world. However, there are very few Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian among them.

Twilio services can be used for free, but you need to create an account. When registering, it is important to provide a real email address and your mobile phone number, otherwise you will not receive confirmation and you will not be able to enter your personal account.

After authorization on the site, open the “Phone Numbers” section.

To get your first free Twilio number, click Get Started.

Next, click the "Get your first Twilio phone number" button.

The next window displays the virtual phone provided to you. Despite the fact that the service tries to select the numbers of their states for users, far from all get Russian phones. For example, we got American.

If you want to change the number, click “Choose this Number”.

To close the window, click "Done".

If the new version also did not suit you, by clicking "Buy a phone number", you can buy another. In this case, you will be given a choice of phones from 20-30 countries. You may be lucky: Russia will be among them.

To manage Twilio numbers, click the "Manage phone numbers" button.

To read the sent SMS-messages, click on the desired number.

The information you are interested in is located in the "Message Log" section. (formerly is the latest virtual telephony service in today's selection. Provides real mobile numbers for short-term use. The cost of services is from € 0 (for one SMS) to € 5 (for daily use).

Trial SMS reception on Proovl does not require registration (the received message is displayed on the site). If this is not enough, after creating an account and replenishing the account, the user is given a choice of a dozen phones in Europe and the USA.

The site has 2 tariff plans: standard and premium. A one-time reception of messages at both tariffs costs nothing. Connection of a permanent virtual number - € 5-10. Monthly fee - € 5. At the standard tariff, no more than 2 numbers can be connected at a time, at the premium - without restrictions.

Proovl virtual phones can be used for registration on any Internet sites (except those that send data only to Russian numbers) and, unlike a number of similar ones, receive long messages. Information is stored in the user's personal account for up to 150 days.

Virtual number for receiving SMS for free

So, if you are moving forward in social networks and you need to constantly register new accounts, as workers fly away in the block - this information is for you.

No need to buy new SIM cards to register a new account, use free virtual numbers to receive SMS when registering an account in the social. networks. Mostly services with foreign numbers but there are also with Russian! Numbers are given to you once and for all!

I give you free services that issue virtual numbers for free, as well as video how to use them.

Free virtual numbers for receiving SMS

  6. - (It’s easy to get a trial period for using a virtual number by registering quickly, the package includes 25 free messages, a 7-day usage limit. No credit card required. Can be counted as a personal number!)
  7. — (Похожий сервис, что и предыдущий, быстрая регистрация, в пробник входит 14 дней пользования. Не требуется кредитная карта. Так же можно считать за личный номер!)
  8. -(Регистрируешься, получаешьбесплатную 30-дневную пробную версию Бизнес sms. Личный вирт.номер!)
  9. — (Регистрируешься, получаешь 14-дневную пробную версию. Личный вирт.номер!)
  10. Публичный номер для приема смс:
  16. — (Есть рус.номер)
  19. — (Рус.номера)
  20. — (Рус.номера)
  21. — (Есть рус.номер)
  23. — (Рус.номера)
  25. — (Рус.номера)
  28. — (Есть рус.номера)
  29. — (Нужна регистрация. Есть рус и укр. номера)
  32. — Годный дизайн
  37. — (Есть укр.номер)
  39. - (Registration Required)
  45. - (Registration Required)
  47. - (Megaphone and Beeline numbers)

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