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Takoyaki traditional Japanese dish - recipe


Takoyaki is a delicious Japanese appetizer, well known throughout the world. In Japan, this fast food is prepared and sold to tourists and locals directly in street tents. In this article, we will take a closer look at this dish and consider how to cook takoyaki.

What is takoyaki ?!

Takoyaki are round donuts stuffed with boiled octopus. The dough for tokoyaki is prepared quite liquid, sometimes with the addition of cheese, so after frying it becomes tender and airy. Hot balls are served in a special sauce, sprinkled with ginger and tuna chips.

The secret of the round shape of takoyaki lies in a special pan with hemispherical recesses. Pour batter into greased wells, lay out slices of boiled octopus, sprinkle with puffed rice, green onions and pickled ginger. As you fry, the dough sets, and then it is expertly turned over with a special device in the form of an awl. Japanese donuts are turned several times until the donut takes on a perfect spherical shape and is properly browned. Then they put the appetizer in a container, pour it with Japanese mayonnaise or a special sauce. Donuts are always served hot only, while the dough retains its tenderness and airiness.

Despite its exotic nature, such a dish of Japanese cuisine can be easily prepared independently at home. Only for this it will be necessary to stock up on a pan for takoyaki.

Takoyaki - Japanese Fast Food with a Detailed Recipe

The recipe for takoyaki at home requires along with the usual exotic ingredients, which can be easily bought at specialized outlets for oriental cuisine. So, consider how to make takoyaki.

Ingredients for the dough:

  • 300 gr white flour
  • 1 liter of cold water
  • 0.5 tsp katsu dashi
  • 3 fresh eggs
  • 2 tsp sweet soy sauce
  • 0.5 tsp kombu dashi
  • 1 pinch of salt.

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 70 gr. hard cheese
  • 100 gr. crispy rice
  • 0.5 bunch green chives,
  • octopus (boiled).

Ingredients for filing and processing:

  • tuna chips
  • takoyaki sauce
  • Japanese mayonnaise.

Instructions for cooking step by step:

  1. We drive eggs into the bowl, add algae in granules and fill everything with water. Stir the mass until smooth. Separately, sift the flour and pour in the entire liquid component, gradually stirring with a whisk, so that the flour does not come in clumps. Immediately salt the dough to taste.
  2. Boil an octopus in advance or buy a ready-made one. We cut the seafood into small pieces. Wash green onions and chop. Three cheese on a grater. Pour all the ingredients into convenient containers so that they can quickly spread out the filling.
  3. Turn on the pan and heat it well. Each well and the rest of the frying surface is generously lubricated with vegetable oil with a brush or napkin.
  4. Now we collect the dough with the ladle, pour it into the pan. The level of the test should reach the very edges of the hole in the pan. Now quickly lay out the boiled octopus on the recesses of the form. This must be done quickly, until the dough has set. Now, in turn, generously sprinkle the entire surface with chopped green onions, crispy rice and grated cheese.
  5. After a couple of minutes, we try to turn one donut on the other side. Only at first we cut the dough layer into squares so that the mass is easily formed into balls. You can turn over with Chinese chopsticks or just a fork. We turn over each product, trying to pick up everything that is outside in a round recess. Twist the donuts several times until you get the perfect fried balls. In general, it will take no more than 10 minutes to prepare one serving.
  6. Spread the finished appetizer on a dish, season with takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. We decorate the dish with bonito shavings (tuna) and serve to the guests until it has cooled down. Bon appetit to all!

Takoyaki with cabbage and fish sauce

There are many recipes for making takoyaki at home. It is said that in every Japanese house, your family recipe is takoyaki. We present to your attention another cooking option.

  • 1 tbsp. white flour
  • 2 large spoons of sweet soy sauce,
  • 1 small spoon of fish sauce,
  • 1 small spoon of white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 chips. soda
  • 2/3 Art. cold water
  • 1 guest crab meat (chopped),
  • 1 handful of boiled octopus (chopped),
  • 2 tbsp a mixture of finely chopped Beijing cabbage, parsley, onion feathers and dill.

  • half a small spoonful of fish sauce,
  • 1 large spoon of ketchup,
  • 1 large spoonful of sweet soy sauce
  • half a small spoonful of grated ginger,
  • half a small spoonful of Tabasco sauce.

  1. From flour, eggs, water, knead a homogeneous liquid dough. In the process, add sauces, sugar and soda. It is important to observe the indicated proportions so that the dough turns out to have the necessary consistency. In specialized stores you can find a special flour mixture for takoyaki, then cooking dough for snacks is greatly simplified.
  2. Pour the dough onto a heated and greased takoyaki frying pan so that it completely fills all the recesses.
  3. Now is the time to lay out the filling. Sliced ​​octopus is best laid out individually in each hole. And all other ingredients (crab meat, shredded cabbage with herbs) can be scattered directly over the entire surface.
  4. As soon as the dough has thickened and seized, gently turn the balls on the other side. All that did not fall into the wells, carefully select and twist under the bottom of the balls. The donut roll pattern consists of 3-5 turns. Then they will get the right round shape and cook better.
  5. Put the finished Japanese donuts on a serving platter.
  6. From these ingredients we prepare a delicious aromatic sauce for takoyaki, pour an appetizer on it. Additionally, you can decorate with dried squid, grated crab sticks or nori seaweed. Serve the dish hot. Bon appetit to all!

The first way to cook Takoyaki

So, the first thing you need to find is a nurse. In its appearance, it resembles a large frying pan, which is powered by electricity, and has a small depression in the form of spheres at the bottom. You can buy such a thing in online stores.

Next, you need to start making dough, which in its consistency should be slightly liquid. To do this, take:
• 2 cups of flour
• 2 eggs
• 1½ cups sugar
• 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
• To taste, add 1 tablespoon of sweet sake mirin

The resulting mass should be such that it drains.

In general, in the classic recipe, there should be a slice of octopus and cabbage in takoyaki. But the cooks today, add everything there that is desired by the soul, and it turns out divinely delicious. It can be either ginger or cheese, for example.

Next is cooking

Such an egg cart must be thoroughly heated. When everything is ready, its frying surface needs to be greased with vegetable oil. In the recesses, you need to fill in a little dough, and then put the filling of your choice in it.

After a few minutes, you will need semicircles, which turned in the cells to turn. To do this, use a wooden stick. For the most extreme case, you can use a toothpick. To do this, as if circling the hemisphere, and then pry it from the bottom. Thus, you can gently flip them without piercing.

You need to fry takoyaki until they turn golden. After cooking, they are laid out on a dish and katsuo-busi sprinkled on top. A special sauce is also used.

The second way to cook Takoyaki

Takoyaki in Japan is very popular, but few have heard of such a dish outside its borders. Although at home, not a single holiday or festival can do without such a delicious dish. In every supermarket, diner, and other establishments, you can find this dish. Moreover, everyone cooks it differently, therefore the tastes always turn out to be the most incredible.

Mine at home have already tasted takoyaki, and now it is one of the most beloved dishes. In addition, we already learned how to cook them according to one of the recipes described above. Kawasaki-san is originally from Osaka, famous primarily for his cuisine, and of course in the first place are takoyaki. Cooking is his favorite hobby. So now you can find out how he describes their cooking in detail, right down to shifting the finished dish into a plate.

To begin with, let's recall what a takoyashnitsa is. In fact, this is a very simple device, which has a round shape, works from electricity, and has many semicircles on its surface, like recesses. It would seem that round takoyaki are obtained from the fact that they prepare semicircles, and then connect, but this is not so, make no mistake, we will talk about this a little lower.

After the dish turns golden, it must be transferred to a plate, seasoned with special sauce and sprinkled with katsuo-bushi, everything is ready. Katsuo-bushi is quite an interesting and tasty thing. First of all, because, looking at a kind of seasoning, you just can’t determine that it is a fish. It looks more like old wood shavings. Well, if you try it, you will find that it has no taste. But after preparation, and the laid out dish on a plate, sprinkling it with katsuo-bushi, it is no longer possible to tear off one's gaze. She seems to be dancing on the golden surface of the balls. Then, already in the mouth, the taste of the dough, sauce, filling and katsuo-bushi opens and becomes one. Unforgettable feelings!

Well, now, how actually takoyaki get round. Before you start cooking, such a loafer should be thoroughly heated and greased. Then, in the semicircles located on its surface, dough is poured to the edges. Pieces of an octopus are thrown into the middle, and the rest is stuffed. While all this is placed and sprinkled on the top of the dough, the bottom has been seized for a long time and ceases to be liquid. At such a moment, the ball needs to be turned over. It is extremely simple to do. Take a wooden stick, or, in extreme cases, a toothpick, circle a takoyak in a circle, and then pry it off from the bottom and turn it over. You do not have to poke or pierce. The dish glides perfectly in the cell, and after you turn it over, it will be fried on the other side, forming a neat and beautiful circle.

Basic recipe

Those who are fortunate enough to visit the Land of the Rising Sun and get to know the local cuisine better know that takoyaki are balls made of dough stuffed with octopus meat. The Japanese are very reverent about their traditions, so any cafe or restaurant uses the same takoyaki recipe.

According to the rules for its preparation, it is required: 200 grams of boiled octopus meat, 450 milliliters of water, 6 grams of powder broth, onion, 2 eggs, a little olive oil, mayonnaise, dried tuna chips, chopped pickled ginger and takoyaki sauce (or tonkatsu).

The dish is prepared as follows:

  1. First, the broth must be diluted in water, and then add eggs and flour to it. The mass must be mixed well.
  2. For cooking, a special device is used, which is called "takoyochnitsa". In fact, this is a pan in which there are several recesses in the form of hemispheres. Before use, it should be well lubricated with oil, using a brush.
  3. Fill each mold with 80 percent dough.
  4. Then add the octopus slices, ginger and onions.
  5. As the product is cooked, you need to constantly turn it using special sticks.

All that remains is to put the finished products on a plate, pour sauce with mayonnaise and sprinkle with dried tuna and onions. This takoyaki recipe is very simple. It requires only imagination, the availability of products and great desire.

Devices and tools

For the Japanese, dough balls with filling are the most common dish. Enterprising chefs cook it even on the streets. Moreover, they all use the same takoyaki recipe. Any passerby can stop, wait a bit and get his portion of the famous national fast food. In addition to food products, any cook needs special equipment and tools to work:

  1. Takoyachenitsa. This is a special pan with several spherical indentations. It can be installed directly on the stove or use the option with electric heating.
  2. Device for turning blanks. It resembles a screwdriver.
  3. Brush to lubricate the surface of the plate. It is better if it is made of silicone.

To make such magic balls yourself, you need a special set for takoyaki, which, in principle, consists of these three tools. As a rule, it is present in every Japanese family.

Strict rules

The one who takes the job for the first time, of course, wants to do everything right. Therefore, he must clearly understand the steps that need to be taken sequentially, so that the real Takoyaki will turn out. A recipe with a photo in this case is ideal. First of all, you need to prepare on the desktop all the necessary products. This is 80 grams of boiled octopus, a bunch of green onions, 120 grams of flour, a tablespoon of red pickled ginger, one and a half cups of water, 1 egg, 35 grams of vegetable oil, as well as salt, mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, aonori and katsiobusi (dried tuna).

Further, everything is done strictly in steps:

  1. Boil the octopus meat and cut it into small pieces.
  2. Grind onions and ginger.
  3. Prepare the dough from flour, salt, eggs and water.
  4. Put such an egg carton on a stove (or plug it in a socket) and use a brush to treat it with oil.
  5. Partially fill the recesses in it with dough.
  6. In each recess, put pre-prepared crushed products.
  7. After a couple of minutes, turn the workpiece 90 degrees with a special wand.
  8. After a few minutes, repeat these steps again. As a result, a golden ball should be obtained from each blank.

After this, the finished products must be laid out on a plate, season with prepared sauces and sprinkled with aonori with tuna.

Do it yourself

The name of the popular Japanese fast food consists of two words: "tacos" and "yaks", which literally translate as "fried octopus." In principle, the recipe is the way it is. The dish really is a piece of boiled octopus meat, baked in a ball of dough. But as you know, any recipe sometimes makes it possible to allow various liberties. This mainly relates to a set of products. Nevertheless, the appearance should be real takoyaki. A home-made recipe may even look completely unusual.

Take, for example, the option for which it is necessary: ​​3 eggs, 300 grams of shrimp (peeled), salt, flour, vegetable oil and spices per kilogram of potato.

In this case, work should be carried out as follows:

  1. Boil seafood for 5 minutes, pre-salting water.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients to the peeled grated potatoes and knead moderately thick dough.
  3. The mass is divided into pieces, each of which is said in a ball, and then broken into a cake.
  4. Place shrimp slices in the center of the blanks. After that, they need to be carefully rolled back into a ball.
  5. Semi-finished foods evenly fry in oil on all sides.

Of course, if such a damsel is at hand, then things will go faster and easier.

In the best traditions

Every Russian can easily prepare a dish of any national cuisine. Even if you don’t have the right component at hand, you can always replace it with what is in the refrigerator. For example, the Russian takoyaki recipe sometimes only basically resembles the original. Next, the culinary fantasy begins to work.

Octopuses and dough are better, of course, not to change. Otherwise, it will be impossible to make precisely such takoyaki. But the rest is quite amenable to adjustment. For example, you can add sausages and grated cheese along with octopus slices. It does not spoil the taste, quite the opposite. It will become more tender and soft. In addition, the cooking process itself can be conducted by the whole family. Everyone will find work: one will cut the ingredients, the other will prepare the dough, the third will lay out everything according to the forms and monitor the frying. This is very similar to how dumplings were made in Russia before. After all, our people love to do everything in a team. It is very convenient. And time at work with a pleasant conversation passes unnoticed.

How to make takoyaki

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Takoyaki is a Japanese appetizer made from octopus and spicy batter. It is served in the form of small round balls. This savory snack is usually sold in supermarkets, shops and street vendors in Japan. The dish is prepared from dough on dashi broth (the basis of miso soup). It is usually served with takoyaki sauce and spicy Japanese mayonnaise. For this recipe you will need some specific ingredients of Japanese cuisine, which can be found in Japanese grocery stores and Asian markets.