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What you need to become a stewardess


Do you dream of working in the sky, but you don’t have a special pilot education? You can get a steward. Do you think this is a female profession? Nothing like this. Men are taken into stewards much more readily than girls. Why? Because men can think soberly in critical situations and quickly make sensible decisions. How to become a steward? Read about it below.


If you graduated from high school with honors and then went to college to study the profession that your parents chose, then most likely, after graduation, you will not have the desire to work in your specialty. This problem is often faced by erudite and ambitious guys who do not smile at the prospect of sitting out in the office for 8 hours a day. At this moment, the thought comes that there is an easy way to look at the world and get to know the culture of other countries closer. A graduate may want to become a steward. How to implement the plan? To submit your resume for this vacancy, the candidate must be confident in his good education. Yes, a person who has just graduated from school can be accepted on board, but this is very rare. More often they prefer people who have served in the army and graduated. Why? Due to the fact that such guys managed to walk up, so now they have become responsible, learned how to work in a team and they clearly understand why they need to go to aviation.

Job Search

Your education can be called good, and you are definitely entrenched in the thought of connecting your life with heaven and aviation? Then you need to take active steps to search for vacancies. Guys who are wondering how to become a steward most often consider large airlines. It’s not worth starting with giants such as Aeroflot. Believe me, they are not the most promising prospects for beginners. You should choose something less pathetic, for example, Ural Airlines. Look at the official websites of these companies, as well as ask friends. You will need to find out when the company will begin a new recruitment. As soon as it opens, you need to submit a resume. But take your time with the choice. The information you read on the site may not be true. Therefore, it is advisable to additionally check the data on various forums. Feel free to find people who work as flight attendants in the company of your dreams. Find out fresh and reliable information better firsthand.

Resume submission

When you are convinced of your choice, you can send a request. Submit your resume, in which, in addition to personal information and education, you need to describe your strengths and weaknesses, as well as attach a photo. You must be creative in order to attract attention. But do not overdo it, otherwise people might think that you are not serious about your future profession. Do not delay the submission of the resume, otherwise you will have a chance not to get into the ranks of students. After you have applied, you will have to wait a few weeks for an answer. Do not waste time in vain, you can prepare for a further interview and pull up your language level.

First interview

Everyone who thought about how to become a steward on an airplane understands that a lot depends on the first impression that the candidate will make on the commission. How are future airline employees evaluated? All men applying for the title of steward must be young. Age limits range from 19-30 years. The guy should be above 170 cm and have a athletic physique. Clothing size should be no more than 54. The appearance of the candidate should be pleasant. About any piercings and visible tattoos out of the question. If the guy is satisfied with the commission according to external data, they begin a dialogue with him. Questions can be quite common. For example, a student may be asked why he wants to work in aviation. People who have already been interviewed can tell those who are just thinking about how to become a steward, that you need to be ready for anything. The commission may ask you to sing a song, read a verse, or spoof someone. And it will not be a joke. The future steward will have to complete any task.


How to become a steward on an airplane man? After you pass first interview You will need to pass an English exam. Complex and specific terms do not need to wait. Everything will be quite simple for a person who can freely express himself in a language and understand his interlocutor. Of course, different airlines have different requirements. If you are applying for international flights, then you should know the language perfectly. They will even check the accent, or rather, its absence.

A routine exam consists of three parts. The first is testing. Grammar is checked here. Next is listening, then lively conversation. The level of English can subsequently be tightened, but still, in order to qualify for the position of steward, your level must be no lower than pre-intermediate.

Medical Board

People in perfect health can apply to the airline to become a steward. What needs to be collected from references? Be sure to bring certificates from the psychiatric dispensary and drug dispensary. Applicants for the position will need to go through a neurologist, psychologist, optometrist, ENT specialist, dentist and surgeon. It is also necessary for the commission to bring along ECG data and fluorography. In the Aeroflot building itself, you will have to go through the search again. Doctors will make sure that your papers are genuine. Do not be surprised if unexpectedly they decide to check your eyesight or ask a question about the last illness. Doctors will be convinced not only of your physical health, but also of moral stability. You can expect that some kind of emergency will be waiting for you on the commission. Such “troubles” can be done intentionally to look at how the candidate behaves in an emergency. After a thorough examination, they will immediately tell you whether you are suitable or not.

Guys who are interested in how to become a steward in Moscow are considering how long their studies will last. Courses do not last longer than three months, then graduates are offered to test the knowledge gained in the "battle". What do people study for 3 months? Classes are divided into two parts: practical and theoretical. The first group includes: etiquette of behavior with passengers, English, anatomy, the study of the basics of aircraft driving, as well as the study of the mechanical "bird" device. In practical classes, stewards prepare for various emergencies. A plane crash, parachute flying, first aid, survival in extreme conditions - this is all that can be useful to a person who crashes.

Who pays the tuition? To get a job in large companies, the steward must pay for the courses. They cost about 60 thousand per month. In companies whose status is lower, employees are trained for free. And sometimes contracts are concluded under which the student agrees to work for the company several years before leaving. Otherwise, the steward will have to pay for his training.

Training flights

After the steward has successfully completed training, he becomes an intern. What does it take to become a steward on an airplane? Fly from 30 to 50 hours as an assistant steward. For each flight, the senior comrade will give ratings. Points will be given for everything: appearance, the culture of communication with passengers, behavior on board and during landing. After the internship time is over, the future steward makes his last flight with an instructor. He monitors the behavior of a beginner and renders his verdict regarding the suitability of a person. If all is well, the intern gets a job. It should be mentioned here that the steward is learning to work on a certain type of aircraft and in a particular airline. If he wants to change his job, he will have to retrain and pass exams.

Work advantages

Why is it worth going to study as a steward? The advantages of this profession are many:

  • A person will be able to see the world. Few people have the opportunity to travel every week. New countries, new emotions and new experiences are what accompany the steward profession.
  • Interesting dating. Every day, the steward has the opportunity to personally meet celebrities or famous politicians. Famous writers, artists and musicians can not only give an autograph, but also talk with a nice young man during the flight.
  • The study of human psychology. Communicating daily with a large number of colorful people, the steward over time will be able to well understand the personality types and read faces. This skill is very useful for a young man in life.

Steward at the stadium

Do you work in security? Then you can easily retrain and earn good money on temporary part-time jobs. It will be enough to learn how to become a steward in a stadium. What are these people doing? They look like conductors in an airplane. Stewards help people find their place, show where the toilet is and where you can buy water. It is also the duty of the stewards to keep order and cleanliness in the stadium. Many football fans are interested in the question of how to become a steward at the World Cup. The answer is simple - go and apply. But be sure to remember: the work is not as rosy as it might seem to someone. The steward does not come to watch the match, but to keep order. Therefore, during a sporting event, a person should be turned facing the audience, not the field. Those who do not comply with this requirement are fired after the second warning. Why do people agree to this work? Good pay and “connections” at the stadium attract many fans, and they are ready to spend their time and energy on calming the fans.

Where are the stewardess trained

In this section, we will briefly talk about what types of training are available and where you can unlearn a flight attendant or steward.

  1. Passing courses from an air carrier.
  2. Courses in specialized schools.

Courses from airlines. Such courses are provided after an interview, and the company invites you to work. This is an indisputable plus that you will be trained at the expense of the company. In some cases, a scholarship is even paid. After training, you and the company sign a contract for several years, which implies that dismissal ahead of schedule is excluded. If this still happens, you will be fined and ordered to pay for courses. School-declared training courses can last from 2 to 6 months.

The second option is to enter the flight attendant school. In Russia, such schools exist on the basis of:

  • TUGA in Moscow,
  • ATU them. Novikov in St. Petersburg,
  • CAA in St. Petersburg,
  • Training Center,
  • NOU "Flight Attendant School",
  • Jet Service.

Often, students after taking courses can always find a job. The cost of training varies within $ 1,000, but the investment spent will quickly pay off. Moreover, in these schools you master not only the basic course of work as a flight attendant / steward, but also learn additional skills in passenger service.

You ask, if I choose the profession of “flight attendant”, what do I need to enter the flight attendants? The answer is quite simple: your perseverance and desire, a document of education (JI or HE), a referral from the airline or a receipt for payment of courses.

Important! No airline charges a tuition fee or for the purpose of posting a questionnaire. Therefore, be careful not to fall for scammers. It is better to initially study all the information about the school.

It is also worth noting that the courses from all major airlines have a great competition.

To become a flight attendant, you need:

  1. It is advisable to graduate and learn English. You will need it to get the third level on the ICAO scale.
  2. Pass the medical flight commission (VLEK) on the 3rd column. This implies the absence of various kinds of discrepancies in health, growth from 170 cm to freely reach the upper shelves, as well as resistance to overloads and, as a consequence, dizziness.

Course certificates are issued at air carrier training centers!

Famous major airlines include Aeroflot, Transaero, as their fleet is counted by long-haul aircraft like Boeing. You will have the opportunity to visit many countries and get a decent salary. Air carriers also expect career growth from a senior flight attendant to a flight shift instructor. Details on how to become a flight attendant in the above companies are described below.

Flight attendant requirements

Very often, girls sleep and see themselves as stewardesses of international airliners who cut through the heavenly expanses of many countries. But besides the desire “I want to become a stewardess”, it’s important that they’re not afraid to fly, and the company’s requirements for candidates are very strict, and they can vary, but in many ways, in essence, they are similar:

  1. Age category from 18 to 26 years.
  2. Education (secondary or high school).
  3. Excellent health (excellent vision, pressure).
  4. Height from 158 to 190 cm. This is necessary to freely reach the upper shelf, located at a distance of 212 cm from the floor.
  5. Beautiful presentable appearance (matching height with weight). Girls must have - 46 clothing sizes, boys - 54.
  6. Without piercings and tattoos.
  7. Ability to stay on the water, swim. An exam is conducted with a minimum distance of 25 meters.
  8. Lack of criminal record.
  9. The presence of a foreign passport.
  10. Customer service experience is desirable. Some companies require at least two years of experience.
  11. Good English, both spoken and written. And knowledge of additional languages ​​will be an advantage.
  12. Adequacy, stress tolerance, sociability.

What are in the learning process

Training consists of two parts: theory and practice. Most of it is theory. It tells about the types of famous aircraft, their characteristics, the use of rescue equipment, the provision of medical care, and also undergoes training on how to properly take birth.

Flight attendant training on international flights involves knowledge of the English language with subsequent courses on international simulators

The training program consists of:

  1. Rescue complex of works (evacuation of passengers).
  2. Water preparation. The evacuation of passengers when the side falls into the water.
  3. Visage. You must have basic skills on how to create an attractive business image.
  4. Express training of the English language. With a fairly good base, certain phrases are memorized, disputes and various situational options are considered (about 90 hours of classes).
  5. Medical care. The main emphasis is placed on it. Helping a person in various situations (pressure increased, heart ached, bleeding started, and so on.)
  6. Service. Passenger service is at a high level, regardless of how tourists behave. Willingness to any stressful situations (you need to put drunken people to sleep, reassure those who are afraid to fly, reassure arrogant passengers, answer hundreds of thousands of questions), provide children escort services.

The practice is carried out on simulators. This is an imitation of real aircraft, playing various situations, as close as possible to reality. At the end of the courses and the successful passing of exams, practice is implied - about 30 hours of flights on liners. After that, a record is entered in the work book, and you become a full-fledged flight attendant and you can safely start working.

Aeroflot Requirements

To become a flight attendant in Aeroflot, you need to do the following:

  • go to the company’s electronic page,
  • fill out the form
  • study the requirements for applicants from the company,
  • pay attention to age, both with experience and without (18-35 years),
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation, registration in Moscow or Moscow Region.

After that, you will have a chance to become an international flight attendant.

If you are interested in becoming an Aeroflot international flight attendant, you must first obtain an international certificate. To obtain such a certificate, you must take courses on foreign simulators. Upon completion of such courses, you will be able to work on international flights. If the airline does not have this form of training, get ready for the courses abroad.

How to become a business aviation stewardess

So, your choice is the stewardess profession. What to take if your aspiration is business aviation?

Get ready for the fact that here the most stringent requirements are imposed on applicants for the position of stewardess.

In addition to the mass of requirements that companies put forward to applicants, the necessary criteria are:

  • age category from 23 to 40 years old,
  • the presence of
  • владение английским языком на высокопрофессиональном уровне.

Сегодня имеется множество агентств, которые занимаются обучением стюардов бизнес авиации. Подходящее для обучения вы можете подобрать, зайдя на сайт ОНАДА России.

Availability of education

It is no secret that air carriers engaged in training followed by job placement, such as Aeroflot or Russia, have strict requirements for knowledge of the English language. Priority is given to those candidates who have HE. This testifies not only to education, but also to the culture of man as a whole.

In addition, it is useful to know how the plane takes off and flies, as well as the cabin layout of popular models, for example, the Airbus A330 300.


Each airline has its own requirements for candidates for stewardesses and stewards. At the same time, one can distinguish the main criteria by which air carriers select employees:

  • education,
  • Knowledge of foreign languages,
  • health status,
  • age,
  • height,
  • clothing size,
  • appearance,
  • citizenship,
  • criminal record
  • military duty.

Foreign language

To work on domestic flights, basic English is enough. To serve passengers on international routes, you need to know the language perfectly. Requirements are presented for both oral and written speech. But it is even better if the candidate knows several foreign languages.

Working as a flight attendant implies the absence of health problems. Regular flights, frequent change of time and climatic zones require endurance, a high degree of adaptation.

The state of health is assessed by a special commission - a medical-flight expert commission. They pay special attention to the examination of vision, as well as the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Psychological testing is also underway. This is necessary to assess stress tolerance, discipline, sociability and organizational abilities.

Young people from 18 years old can become flight attendants. Most airlines for people with no work experience sets an age bar of 26 years. And for those who have experience in this profession - the age should not be older than 35 years.

The job descriptions for stewardesses and stewards indicate such growth limits:

  • for women - 160-175 cm,
  • for men - 170-185 cm.

This is due to the fact that the flight attendant should easily reach the upper shelves with hand luggage. Usually they are located at a height of 212 cm from the floor. Below average growth will cause limitations in this regard. A too high stewardess will have to bend down all the time.

Clothing size

The physique of both girls and young people should be average. Clothes sizes:

  • for women - from 42 to 46,
  • for men - 46 to 54.

Airlines for several reasons do not order a plus-size uniform:

  • The flight attendant should pass between the rows of seats in the cabin without hitting the passengers.
  • Excess weight may interfere with emergency operations during evacuation.
  • It is also associated with the free entry and exit of passengers from the liner.

Air carriers put forward requirements not only on the clothing sizes of future flight attendants, but also on other appearance parameters. On the face and visible areas of the body should not be scars, scars, birthmarks or other aesthetic defects.

Individual carriers generally do not allow tattoos and piercings for future employees. Some companies are more loyal - the requirements apply only to open parts of the body that are visible from under the uniform.

Military duty

Young men who did not serve in the army will not be able to board aboard. And young people unfit for military service are unlikely to pass the medical commission

The largest airline in Russia is Aeroflot. Its route network includes several dozen international and domestic flights. The status of a reliable carrier and a social program for employees attract many.

The company's requirements for flight attendant candidates are as follows:

  • Education is not lower than full secondary.
  • Knowledge of English. For some destinations, it is necessary to know the language of the country to which flights are made.
  • The presence of a military card for men.
  • Age from 18 to 35 years.

To work in business aviation you will need a higher education, excellent knowledge of English and an age of 23 to 40 years.

For employment, you need to fill out a questionnaire and attach photos. This can be done online on the website of the selected airline. If the candidacy is approved, a notification will be sent to the email and it will be possible to participate in a further competition.

First, everyone goes through an interview, and if it is successful, the candidate is sent to the medical commission.

Job interview

Includes a conversation with members of the selection committee, psychology testing and an exam in English or another language. The candidate will need to tell about himself. The benefits will be sports achievements, medical education or personal growth and anger management courses.

Often you have to answer standard questions:

  • why this post and what attracts it the most,
  • why this particular company
  • what you like about working with people and the service sector.

Not only education and appearance will be evaluated, but also the manner in which one expresses oneself, the timbre of the voice, the general level of culture. Polite, confident candidates are preferred.

After a successful conversation, you will need to pass psychological tests for the degree of adaptation to critical situations, stress tolerance, sociability.

Candidates who have completed the first two stages are allowed to take the foreign exam. To confirm the level of language proficiency, you need to pass grammar tests, listening, and the conversation will complete the test.

For a physical examination, you need to prepare certificates from a narcologist, from a tuberculosis, psychiatric and dermatovenerological dispensary. Will also have to pass tests.

It will be required in advance to undergo examination by a surgeon, ENT specialist, optometrist, neurologist. Also, the members of the medical commission are provided with the results of fluorography, EEG, ECG.

Only after considering the entire package of documents does VLEK decide whether a person is suitable for work as a flight attendant.

A candidate who has successfully passed an interview and a medical board is sent to special courses. Most airlines conduct them in Moscow. Accommodation during training and travel expenses by the airline are not paid.

Courses take place over 90 days with classes 6 times a week for 8 hours. They teach rules of conduct in emergency situations, the design of aircraft, regulatory documents related to air travel. Students are trained on the layouts of airliners.

The final stage before work is practice. The internship takes place on airline flights with a total duration of 30 hours.

Flight attendant courses

To become a stewardess, you can undergo training at a specialized school. It can be both separate private schools, and at airlines. Learning from a specific carrier will need to be worked out in the company for 3 years. On average, courses last 2-4 months.

Training can be taken in the following schools:

  • Training Center of Vnukovo Airport. There are periodically conducted primary education courses.
  • Aeroflot Flight School. The cost of training, taking into account practice, is 65 thousand rubles. The course lasts 50 days.
  • School of flight attendants in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar. The training lasts 2.5 months, and the cost of the course along with practice is 65 thousand rubles.
  • School of stewardess "Sky Jet". A course on the basics of a flight attendant lasting 2.5 weeks costs 30 thousand rubles. Training of stewardesses and stewards for business aviation lasts 30 days at a price of 70 thousand rubles.
  • Aviation Transport College in St. Petersburg with a degree in Transport Services.

Education in the flight attendant school can be divided into the following blocks:

  • Rules of conduct in an emergency situation - evacuation of passengers, emergency landing.
  • Health care.
  • Express English course.

Future workers are taught how to use rescue equipment. Also, the device of airliners is definitely being studied.

In the end, all students go through practice. On flight simulators that simulate the cabin of an aircraft, future cabin crew will practice skills in critical situations.


The main thing in the work of the stewardess is monitoring the safety of passengers during the flight. Besides:

  • meeting and accommodation of clients,
  • pre-flight briefing,
  • emergency medical assistance if necessary,
  • control of passenger behavior,
  • inspection of the cabin to identify foreign or prohibited items,
  • distribution of food and drinks.

Cabin crew also monitor the climatic indicators in the cabin, check a set of rescue equipment.

Pros and cons of the profession

There are advantages and disadvantages in the work of a stewardess. The first include:

  • Early retirement is an average of 45 years old. But at the same time, the flight experience should be 10 years, and the total - not less than 20 years.
  • Discounts on air tickets.
  • An opportunity to see the world.
  • High salary and attractive social package.
  • An opportunity to improve knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Free meals.

The disadvantage of this profession is considered irregular working hours, increased levels of stress. And due to frequent flights, occupational diseases develop - varicose veins, problems with the spine. Pregnancy difficulties are also possible.

Most Russian air carriers regularly replenish flight attendants - selections are held several times a year. If the candidate meets all the requirements, then it’s quite possible to get a job as a stewardess or a steward.

Basic requirements for stewardesses

Different carrier companies put forward different requirements for their future employees, but many of them are very similar. Before becoming an Aeroflot flight attendant, you need to find out what requirements the airline has for candidates:

  1. Age from 18 to 26 years.
  2. Completed secondary or secondary technical education (preferences are given to applicants with higher education).
  3. Great health. You must have perfect vision, pressure and various tests.
  4. The growth of the future flight attendant should be in the range from 158 to 190 centimeters. The main requirement is to get to the upper shelf, which is at a height of 212 cm. The growth in this range is due to the fact that a low flight attendant will not be able to remove or put a suitcase on a shelf, and too high will constantly bend.
  5. The stewardess must have a beautiful figure (height corresponds to weight). The usual requirement for girls is 46 clothing sizes, for boys - 54.
  6. The stewardess should not have piercings or tattoos on her body. Some air carriers make various deviations on this subject - there should be no tattoos on the visible part of the body or tattoos for the duration of the flight can be sealed with a flesh-colored adhesive. But it is better if they do not exist at all, as well as scars on the face - hands.
  7. The stewardess must be able to swim. At the end of the courses, an exam will be held in which you will need to swim at least 25 meters.
  8. The complete absence of a criminal record (even conditional and canceled).
  9. Valid passport.
  10. Customer experience (customer service) is highly desirable. Some carriers require at least 2 years of such experience.
  11. Good level of English (spoken and written). Knowledge of other languages ​​is an additional bonus in employment.
  12. Sociability, lack of speech defects, stress resistance, adequacy.

Where to go?

We have already described the list of basic requirements. Now let's talk about what you need to become a flight attendant. First of all, decide which airline you would like to get to. Do not go in cycles in one: select at once 4-5. Examine their requirements and mode of operation (regional transport, charters, budget lines, scheduled transport). Then compose your resume and look for up-to-date information on free vacancies on the carriers website. Typically, large air carriers recruit applicants all year round, arranging serious screenings for them, and smaller ones in spring and autumn. It is necessary to constantly review vacancies and, if possible, immediately send a ready and relevant resume.

Note: no knowledge of the job of flight attendant or flight attendant is required from the candidate. You will be taught all this in courses. Therefore, it is not necessary to study dozens of books on this topic - this will not give you any advantage.

Be sure to attach your photo (face and figure) to the resume. Try to look like a professional stewardess: a friendly smile, a minimum of makeup, business clothes, openness. Do not attach photographs of other people taken in an incomprehensible situation, table or restaurant pictures to the resume. If you do not have good photos, then arrange with photographers to take some high-quality pictures. If you do everything right, then you will surely be invited for an interview.

Where are they taught to be a flight attendant in Russia?

At the moment, there are two types of flight attendant training:

  1. Courses from air carriers.
  2. Independent courses in various schools.

Carrier courses are the perfect solution. You can get to them only if you have successfully passed the interview and you were invited to work. You will study for free and, most likely, you will even be paid a scholarship. However, after completing the courses you will be forced to sign a contract for three years, according to which you will not be able to leave of your own free will or quit. If this happens, then you will be charged not only the cost of the courses, but also fined. Usually, training takes 2-6 months, every weekday from 9 to 17-18 (the schedule may vary).

If you are unable to attend free courses, you can enroll in the Flight Attendants School. At the moment, they work on the basis of:

  • Technical University of Civil Aviation (Moscow),
  • Aviation Transport College named after Novikova (St. Petersburg),
  • University of Civil Aviation (St. Petersburg),
  • Training Center,
  • NOU “Flight Attendant School”,
  • Jet Service.

These are the most famous schools, graduates of which are almost always employed. The cost of such training is about 40 thousand rubles, but this investment pays off very quickly. The flight attendant school will allow you to master not only the general course of the flight attendant, but also get unique specialties in passenger service. What is needed for admission? Only your desire, a document on secondary (higher) education, a referral from the airline (if any), or a receipt for tuition fees.

Note: the air carrier will never ask you to pay for training or for posting a questionnaire. There are a lot of scammers on the job market who will charge you money for free services or simply cheat. Be sure to read reviews about the “school” or employer.

What will you have to learn?

Training for the flight attendant is divided into practical and theoretical parts. Most will be theories. They will tell you about the main types of aircraft, their structure and characteristics, the rules for resolving conflicts on board, the use of rescue equipment, they will teach you how to provide medical care and even take birth. Standard training takes place on the program:

  1. Emergency and rescue complex of works. How to evacuate passengers, how to reassure them, how to knock out or open a jammed door.
  2. Water preparation. How to save passengers if the plane crashes into water. How to organize an evacuation and how to survive at sea.
  3. Makeup Basics. How to look neat, how to create a business and attractive image.
  4. Express training in English. It is understood that you already know the language at a sufficient level. Training will be reduced to studying a set of standard phrases, resolving conflict situations, etc. (about 90 hours of classes).
  5. Full medical assistance. Strong emphasis will be placed on this. You must know how to help a person who has become ill, who has a heart condition, has started bleeding, has increased blood pressure, etc.
  6. Service. You must be able to serve passengers at the highest level, smiling even to the most harmful tourists.

Many people think that stewardesses are a kind of waitress. But this is not so - it is they who are responsible for the passengers and their behavior in the cabin. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have to reassure arrogant tourists, put down drunk people, answer hundreds of monotonous questions and indulge all the desires of your passengers. The stewardess is the face of the airline, she solves all stressful situations and helps pilots.

The practical part of the training is on simulators. They accurately simulate the cabin, the process of take-off and landing, the behavior of passengers, etc. If you successfully complete the training and pass the exams, then you will need to fly about 30 hours on real airplanes (internship). And only after that you will receive the long-awaited entry in the work book and become a full-fledged stewardess.

The most popular question among job seekers is how much stewardesses get. It all depends on the airline in which it operates, on the geography of flights and on the flight attendant class. There are several classes:

  1. Third. This is the lowest class that is assigned after passing the flight attendant school. The salary here is quite small - 20-25 thousand rubles.
  2. Second class. To get it, you need to fly off more than two thousand hours and pass several exams. The salary of the second class is 30-35 thousand rubles.
  3. First grade. Для его получения у бортпроводника должен быть налет не менее трех тысяч часов. Здесь заработная плата может достигать 50-60 тысяч рублей.

Также стюардессы получают отпускные и другие бонусы. Но это лишь примерная зарплата — она сильно отличается от опыта, знания языков и географии полетов. For many experienced flight attendants, it can be 30-50 percent higher. Every year it is necessary to take advanced training courses. You can earn good money only after 5 years of work, subject to the constant development of your skills and self-improvement.