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12 inspirational ideas to help you create a romantic interior in your home.


Are you looking for some new fun ways to bring romance to your relationship? Take advantage of these creative romantic tips:

1. Give your beloved a dozen roses, but with an unusual twist. Let it be a bouquet of red roses, and among them - one white. And put a note in it with the following text: "Each bouquet has a special flower, and you are one of them."

2. Give your soulmate an engraved watch “You are more valuable to me than time.”

3. Identify the very key case that connected you. Celebrate this event every year.

4. Practice the even and odd days of romance: on even days, the romantic is you, on the odd days, it's your lover's turn.

5. After the foam bath that you have prepared for your sweetheart, gently wrap it in a towel, preheating it in a tumble dryer.

6. On a piece of paper write your soulmate a love letter or poem. Stick it on a thin cardboard and cut into pieces in the shape of puzzles, and then send them all to her / him by mail. Or send a puzzle a day.

7. Does your girlfriend / wife not deserve the “Best Beloved in the World!” Award? Gift shops are just a treasury of ideas for this occasion. Just imagine how many romantic opportunities lie in diplomas and badges, medals and ribbons, name plates, certificates and posters. You can enter a name on them all, make an engraving, an inscription or a monogram.

Unusual romantic ideas

To make a mark, consider these unusual romantic clues:

1. Go together to a karaoke bar and surprise her / him by singing “your” song.

2. Steal her! Blindfold her, ride around the city until she finally loses her bearings. And then, finally, open her final destination: her favorite cafe or, alternatively, a romantic hotel.

3. Model an unusual large-format postcard from a huge cardboard box (for example, the one in which refrigerators are packed).

4. Does your sweetheart love M & M’s? Fill them to the top with a large glass jar or vase and present it as a gift.

5. Do you dream to add a little piquancy to the serving of a dish prepared by you specially for your soulmate? Buy a small piece of dry ice. Put it in a bottle of water and place it on a tray. Thus, you will reproduce the marvelous, billowing white clouds!

6. Dinner by candlelight - romantic, but ordinary. So there is another idea: have breakfast by candlelight.

7. Make your soulmate a surprise - a two-week trip to Paris.

8. Each pair has “His” and “Her” paired towels, but there are other ideas: “His” and “Her” paired silk pajamas, motorbikes, t-shirts, small suitcases (always keep them packed), armchairs rocking chairs, Porsche (millionaires also need love), heart-shaped tattoos, Christmas-tree decorations, tennis rackets, beach towels.

Budget romantic ideas

Love overflows, and the wallet is almost empty? Try these budget romantic helpful tips:

1. Joint viewing of films about love - a pleasant leisure time.

2. Spend a summer night together making wishes under shooting stars. Do not forget to mark the second week of August on your calendar. Every year, approximately on August 12, the Earth passes through a meteor shower from the side of the constellation Perseus, as a result of which for two or three nights you can observe a stunning spectacle of "star rains."

3. Give your soulmate a lottery ticket with a small note: “I hit the jackpot by marrying you (marrying you)!”

4. Gather a bouquet of flowers for your sweetheart on the side of the road.

5. Write a note to your soulmate, placing its text on several postcards, then send her / him one at a time. So you create an anticipation of a romantic conclusion in the final card. You can give this last yourself.

6. Do not go to the cinema, as usual, on Sunday. Call your sweetheart (s) from work on Wednesday and officially invite you on a date.

7. Call your local radio station and order a love song dedicated to her / him for your soulmate. Make sure that he / she will listen to the radio at this moment.

8. Make a letter of honor for your beloved. You can purchase forms of such letters at any stationery store. For example, a letter: “For patience shown over the years of our life together” - the award “The best wife in the world” or the tape “For hugs and kisses beyond the command of duty”.

Fast-paced romantic ideas

If you do not have as much time for love as we would like, try to use these not requiring much time, but such cute romantic ideas:

1. Write a piece of soap on the mirror in the bathroom "I love you."

2. Place a small love note under the wiper of his / her car.

3. From time to time, solemnly kiss her hand. It is right to do this, lowering your lips to her hand, and not raise her hand to your lips.

4. Suppose that when your soulmate returns from work, “your song” plays on the tape recorder.

5. When you go out together, sometimes wink at your soul mate, being at the other end of the room.

6. At your beloved's birthday, send a thank you card to her / his mother.

7. Unplug the TV. And on his screen, attach a note with the words: "Turn it on better than me."

8. Each time with a glass of wine, toast each other. Meet the glances. Speak toasts in turn. Speak in a whisper.

9. Purchase for her the entire “family of goods” with the aroma of her favorite perfumes (talcum powder for the body, soaps, creams, aroma candles, etc.).

10. While at work, take a moment and call your soulmate for no other reason than to say, "I love you."

Classic romantic ideas

Looking for a proven and effective way to express your love? Take note of these classic romantic tips:

1. Sprinkle rose petals throughout the bedroom.

2. What could be more classic than a beautiful gold pendant with your photo inside? Or maybe your joint photo.

3. Every week, come home with a small unexpected gift.

4. Handwritten classic, romantic, passionate, soulful writing. Most adults have not written love letters since school. But in vain! Have we lost our youthful idealism or are we just spilled out?

5. When leaving, for example, on a business trip, give your beloved a bouquet of roses, one rose for each day of your absence. Attach a note that says something like this: “These three magnificent flowers symbolize those three days, while I am far from you. They also symbolize the love, joy and laughter that we share with you. "

6. Say “I love you” at least three times a day.

7. Guys, surprise her by doing any of the household chores for her. And not something easy, like bringing a purchase from a car into a house, but something that takes time and effort. For example, cook for the weekend or do a house cleaning.

8. Ladies, send him a letter sealed by a kiss. Use your reddest lipstick.

9. Hold hands.

10. Make plans for Valentine's Day in your annual romantic list in advance.

Do not be afraid to show your feelings, appreciate every moment spent next to your loved ones, give them unforgettable emotions that will surely remain in your heart forever.

1. Prosy, but necessary cleanliness

Perhaps this moment may seem obvious to some, but it is with a thorough cleaning of the house that the creation of a romantic setting begins. Purity and freshness are important attributes of romance in all its manifestations. Therefore, if there is a choice - to clean the house or make an extra pink-red decor, then it is better to choose the first option.

2. Spray red

The traditional color of romance is pink. But red is more universal in terms of compatibility with other shades and has no associations with infantility. Therefore, we recommend adding bright red accents to the interior: flowers, decorative pillows, vases, figurines ... Doing red is not the dominant color in the interior. Otherwise, the situation will be perceived as dangerous and contribute to excessive excitation of the nervous system.

3. Garden of Eden Home

The more living plants there are in the house, the more romantic it seems. The ideal option would be blooming options. If there is no desire to regularly look after a home garden, then this is not a problem. Just buy potted plants from time to time. They are much more practical than ordinary bouquets - flowering continues for several weeks. Among the novelties that do not require care at all, and at the same time are indistinguishable from living plants, are stabilized flowers. If you do not like flowers at all, then let them be present at least in painted form on wallpaper or textile.

4. The kingdom of delicate aromas

An ideal romantic setting is one that is perceived as such by several senses. We have already taken care of the visual component a bit, so the time comes for the impact on the sense of smell. A high-quality air freshener with a floral scent, rose or jasmine essential oils in an aroma lamp, incense sticks ... The appropriate method is chosen depending on the reason for creating a romantic interior - in honor of the holiday or as a permanent decoration.

5. Places for favorites

For each person, romance is an individual set of components. But among the ways to create a romantic interior that can be recognized as universal are cozy corners designed for a limited circle of people. For example, miniature benches in the garden, seats for sitting on a wide windowsill, a couple of rocking chairs next to the fireplace, a comfortable sofa by the window ... Make sure these places are really comfortable. Throws and pillows will not be superfluous.

6. Fifty Shades of White

It is hard to imagine a more romantic color than white. A variety of palettes of shades of white - from milky to smoky - will allow everyone to choose a color to taste. Translucent curtains, natural hide on the floor, upholstered furniture covers in this color - and the romantic interior is ready. A dwelling where white is chosen as the dominant color in the interior gives its inhabitants a sense of serenity and faith in a better future. But so that the situation does not resemble a hospital or office, it is worth adding bright accents.

7. Attention to ... the bathroom

Living room and bedroom are rooms that are most often associated with a romantic interior. But what could be more romantic than an unexpected surprise? Try the main ingredient in the "romantic interior" cocktail to make a bathroom. Light marble tiles, snow-white terry towels, vertically draped textiles, a free-standing foot bath - and the sophisticated decor is ready.

8. Mysterious soft light

Romantic atmosphere and candles are almost one piece. But candles are not suitable for daily use, so we recommend paying attention to other types of illumination. Replace them with spotlights. The main thing is to create multi-level lighting in the house so that the ceiling chandelier is not the only source of light. We also recommend choosing bulbs with a warm or neutral glow, rather than cold white. If the romantic atmosphere is timed to some holiday, then it is better to light candles immediately after the arrival of guests. After all, wax streaks that form quite quickly do not look the best.

9. Warm vintage elegance

Antiques carry the charm of a bygone time and give a nagging sense of nostalgia. That is why their presence in a romantic interior is necessary. If these antique items are not at your disposal, then pay attention to their artificially aged counterparts. Take a look at the interior styles of shabby chic, country and provence: these most romantic types of decoration involve the use of cute vintage things.

11. Drops of glass and crystal

Glass surfaces with a large area will more remind of skyscrapers and modern offices than of romance. You should not completely forget about glass and crystal, but it is important not to overdo it with their quantity. Dishes and medium-sized decor from these materials will be quite enough. A little mother of pearl, aged gold and silver will also fit perfectly into the romantic interior.

12. The softness of textile textures

To feel the romance to the touch, use soft textiles in the interior - silk, chenille, mattress, velveteen. Other materials are also suitable, the touch of which gives positive emotions - delicate natural or artificial fur, light tulle.

Is the romantic setting ready? Do not stop there, learn about how to make the living room interior even more amazing.

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