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How to call from iPad via SIM card


The iPhone (Cellular Calling) feature on iOS and macOS allows you to make and receive calls, as well as write SMS messages from iPad and Mac. Despite its convenience and ease of setup, it is rarely used by users. The reason for this is most often the commonplace ignorance of people that such a function exists at all. In this guide, we fill in all the gaps and talk about how to make, receive, and write text messages from your iPad or Mac.

The iPhone (Cellular Calling) feature enables users to make and receive calls, as well as send text messages from an iPad or Mac. In this case, the iPhone may even be in another room, its help after setting up and activating the function is not needed.

What settings need to be made

Before you activate settings that allow you to receive cellular calls from iPhone to iPad and Mac, you need to make sure that:

  • All devices are signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID account.
  • All devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • All devices are signed into FaceTime with the same Apple ID account.

After that, you need to enable the function "iPhone (cellular calls)":

  • On iPhone: on the menu "Settings» → «Phone» → «Calls to other devices» → «Allow Calls».
  • On iPad: on the menu "Settings» → Facetime → «IPhone Calls»
  • On mac: run the application Facetimeselect Facetime → «Settings» → «IPhone Calls».

How to use the iPhone (Cellular Calling) feature on iPad

In order to make a call using the iPad, just click on the phone number in the contact book, or any other application that automatically detects such data. In order to call a specific number, you need to launch the FaceTime application, enter the phone number in the search field and click “Call”.

To accept a call on the iPad, you just need to move the slider in the incoming call window in the traditional way for the iPhone.

How to use the iPhone (Cellular Calling) feature on Mac

In order to make a call to a cell phone with a Mac, you need to point to the contact in the application “Contacts"(Or any other with the function of determining contacts) and select"Call the number [phone number] from iPhone". Just like on an iPad, with a Mac you can call numbers that are not in your contact book. To do this, launch FaceTime and enter the phone number in the search field.

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Is it possible to call from an iPad

Let's say right away - it is impossible to make a call from the iPad in the traditional way, using a SIM card. It does not have such features, and it will not work to implement them using additional applications. This is the policy of the manufacturer - you need to call from the phone. In the case of Apple, from iPhone. Thus, owners of apple tablets need to carry a telephone with them. Also, you can’t send USSD commands and traditional SMS from iPads - this is the destiny of smartphones.

Using FaceTime

Owners of apple devices can communicate with each other via FaceTime. This is a built-in application, or rather, the built-in ability of gadgets from Apple. To activate this function, go to “Settings - FaceTime” and click on the power switch. Done - no additional steps need to be taken.

To make a call from iPad via FaceTime, tap on the corresponding icon, select a contact and click on the handset symbol - a classic call will begin. If you click on the camera icon, a video call will start. Unlike a call from a SIM card, both devices must be connected to the Internet - via Wi-Fi or mobile. Otherwise, you won’t be able to call.

  • High quality voice and video.
  • Almost instant connection.
  • Ease of making calls.
  • Ability to switch from video to audio and vice versa.
  • Waiting function for multiple concurrent calls.

The disadvantage is that you cannot call an Android device or just a regular phone.

FaceTime does not spend minutes, but consumes exclusively mobile traffic. For Android devices, the service is not available.

We call via Skype

Skype was once the most popular messenger in the world. Over time, it lost its popularity, thanks in part to developers who made the program slow and uncomfortable. To start calls, download Skype from the official website, install and register. After receiving the account, specify the login of the person you want to call. Add login to your contacts list - now you can write, make voice calls and video calls.

  • You need to know the interlocutor’s login.
  • Slow interface slowing down on weak computers.
  • Not the highest quality video.
  • To enter the system you need to remember the username and password.

There is an advantage - you can call a regular phone. To do this, you need to replenish the account in the system. Using its own IP-telephony service, Skype will call almost any phone in the world.

In addition, Skype can work on several devices at once - the correspondence is stored on the messenger servers.

Calls through WhatsApp

This messenger takes first place in popularity in Russia. Judge for yourself - it is installed on every second phone in the country, if not more. With its help, subscribers exchange text messages, photos, videos, arbitrary documents, make video calls and voice calls. And all this without any monthly fee or connection fee.

To start calling from the iPad, install WhatsApp from the App Store and register - specify a phone number, receive SMS, enter the code from SMS into the program, specify a name and surname. Done - open the application, click on the green button with the message logo. The phone book will open - it will indicate the contacts that also use WhatsApp. You can call or write these contacts. Calls to regular phones are not supported.

We call through Viber

Before us is the second most popular messenger in Russia. At the beginning of 2019, the developers remade the interface, now it looks like WhatsApp, and all active chats are displayed on the main screen. Download Viber from the App Store, install on the iPad, proceed to registration:

  • launch the application and click the “Continue” button
  • indicate phone number
  • wait for the automatic activation of the account,
  • indicate first and last name,
  • add an avatar (photo).

A list of chats opens. To call or write via Viber, click on the purple icon with a message and select a contact. Click on the handset icon to make a voice call, or the camcorder icon for a video call.

Another way is to look in the “Calls” menu and find the necessary subscriber there. If he does not use Viber, send him an invitation. Also, the messenger supports calls to regular phones through the ViberOut function - replenish your account and make calls, the rates are indicated inside the application.

Similarly, any other instant messengers are used, including Telegram. You can also call from iPad via Facebook Messenger. Nothing prevents installing all the applications from our review at once - this will help to contact the maximum number of people.

If you are tired of your operator

Guys, we know very well that operators increase prices and force subscribers to connect services that the latter do not want to use. Fortunately, now there is a great opportunity to go to another operator with your number. There are virtual operators that provide very good rates and cool buns when transferring numbers. One of them is Tinkoff Mobile, which is increasingly chosen by visitors to our site. More details.

Pros and Cons of FaceTime

  • The absolute advantage of FaceTime is that iPhone users do not need to install additional applications. Everything is already installed and ready to go.
  • High quality communication and video.
  • Integration with the base of contacts iPhone.

The downside of FaceTime is the inability to use it when communicating with users of Android and other operating systems. This is only an "apple" application for communication between owners of Apple gadgets.

Making a call

The first step is to activate the service on your smartphone. To do this, go to iOS settings, in the FaceTime tab. Open the item “Your Apple />

Next, activate the checkbox next to the FaceTime column. Then you should see the message "Waiting for activation." Wait for the process to complete. If necessary, fill out the data in the forms below.

Making calls is pretty convenient through the Phone app. Find the desired contact in the device’s address book and open it. There are two icons in the FaceTime column: camera and handset. The first is responsible for the video call, and the second for the voice call.

But starting this method is only suitable for cases when you plan to dial someone from your contact list. But in Face Time, this is not necessary. If you open the corresponding application on the iPhone, you will be able to make a call, knowing only the mobile number or email account of the interlocutor. However, you don’t have to add it to the device’s phone book. In the future, repeat the call will exit the "Recent".

Activate FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

If FaceTime is disabled by default, you can activate it as follows:

  • We go to the "Settings" section.

  • Check that the Apple ID account has been activated. If not, then enter the username and password.
  • Go to the FaceTime subsection.
  • We set the slider to the “Enabled” state (it will turn green).

  • At the bottom of the screen, your phone number and e-mail will appear.

  • At the very bottom of the screen, in the “Calls” section, you can see blocked phone numbers. You can unlock them or add new ones to the list.

Transfer a regular call to FaceTime

In iPhone, you can transfer a regular telephone conversation to FaceTime. To do this, call another iPhone through the call application. Just above the red “Hang up” button, you will find the desired item. When you press it, the conversation will switch accordingly.

FaceTime calls on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Since the application is embedded in iOS, it is very simple to use it:

  • Click on “Calls” (handset)
  • Select the contact you want to call.
Photo: Audio and video call icons in FaceTime
  • In the contact card that opens, FaceTime will be displayed under the subscriber's phone number. The absence of such an inscription means that the subscriber does not have FaceTime configured or, in principle, does not have such an application.
  • During a FaceTime video call on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can adjust the volume, turn off the sound altogether, turn the display, switch the front camera to the main one and more. Also, turn off the camera, and in this case, your interlocutor will hear you, but not see you.